With the arrival of summer, many people feel tired, heavy legs... these are sensations that no one wants to feel, that we want to avoid, but that we do not always know how to do, nor do we know of self-treatment techniques that can help us when we have this sensation.

Today we are used to a very sedentary lifestyle. we passed many hours working sitting And if we don't do our part to exercise for a while a day, our body notices it.

But... What are tired legs?

Tired legs are a disorder that occurs many times in the summer, since high temperatures favor venous dilation, causing venous return to be affected and consequently generating a feeling of heaviness in the legs. Causing symptoms such as numbness in the legs, tiredness, tingling, itching, swelling and cramps, being extremely annoying for those who present it.

What can cause tired legs?

One of the main causes why people suffer from tiredness and heavy legs is mainly due to venous insufficiency. The veins are responsible for moving blood from all the extremities of the body to the heart and vice versa. However, the veins become deformed and lose their elasticity, making it difficult to blood circulation and, therefore, its return to the heart. In short, venous insufficiency is the difficulty in sending blood back to the heart, which causes swelling, the appearance of varicose veins, and a feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs.

However, tiredness and swelling in the legs and ankles can also be caused by a number of other reasons, such as:

  • The obesity. Eating a poor diet or being overweight plays a very important role in the health of our legs, since it affects the walls of our veins, causing circulation difficulties.
  • The menstruation. During the menstruation period, some women suffer from swollen legs, due to the hormonal changes that occur, so we should not be alarmed.
  • The sedentary lifestyle The lack of movement in our day to day can lead to poor blood circulation and therefore tired and heavy legs.
  • The pregnancy. Hormonal changes and pregnancy greatly affect the swelling of our ankles and legs.

Tips for tired legs

>> Exercising daily It is a good way to make our blood circulate properly throughout our body and thus Avoid tired legs.

>> Drink a lot of water: Many times we think that I am not going to drink yet because I already retain it, that the body "pulls" the water that I have in my legs, but really the effect that is achieved is the opposite.

Applying these tips you will be able to notice an improvement in your legs feeling lighter and healthier.

Happylegs, the ideal tool to avoid tired legs

In happylegs We want to improve people's health and quality of life with fatigue problems in the legs. Thanks to the automatic movement of the machine, your blood circulation will be activated without making any kind of effort, achieving stronger and lighter legs.

Besides, Happylegs brings you many more benefits :

  • Its use strengthens your legs without making any effort.
  • Eliminates inflammation in legs and ankles.
  • Strengthens the cardiac functions of the heart, also in people with pacemakers.
  • Its continuous movement ensures that symptoms of tired or sleepy legs do not appear.
  • Prevents the appearance of vascular diseases such as varicose veins and thrombosis.
  • It improves your ergonomics, helps you maintain a good position while sitting and makes lower back and back pain disappear, derived from a static position.
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