The seated walking machine

Happylegs is an automatic exerciser that provides its users with all the benefits of passive leg movement.

Take advantage of every minute!

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Its use is recommended for people of all ages.

No matter how old you are, by using Happylegs you will make the most of every minute you spend sitting down. Working, studying, resting... Do you already move your legs with us?

How does it help me take care of my health?


  • Just 5 minutes a day

    Through the daily use of the Manos Sanas manual massager, you will get more agile and healthy hands.

  • Reactivates blood circulation

    Its gentle massage reactivates blood circulation from the fingers to the heart, avoiding the appearance of cold or sleepy hands.

  • Fights inflammations and lumps

    Correct small lumps in the joints of your fingers and help your hands with osteoarthritis and arthritis feel better.


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Our certificates are recognition of why Happylegs is the best on the market.

Our machines are designed to last a lifetime and have been awarded as best invention.