Take advantage of all the hours you spend sitting down!

  • while you work

    Spending too many hours sitting down causes major circulation and health problems. But... What if you give this situation a spin? your legs while you work!

  • while you study

    No matter how old you are, if you are studying, you spend more hours than you should sitting in a chair. Since you can't solve this, why don't you take advantage of all these hours to move your legs and correct your posture?

  • while you rest

    In our day to day we carry out a multitude of activities while we are sitting: reading, watching television, sewing, drawing, playing video games, talking with friends... What if you did what you like the most while taking care of your health?

1h30 using Happylegs = 1h walking!


Step 1: You sit down and place your feet on the pedals.

Step 2: You choose the speed that best suits your needs. Available up to 16 different.

Step 3 : You let your legs move to the rhythm of Happylegs, without any kind of effort, improving your posture and taking advantage of all the benefits of passive gymnastics.

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Clinically proven benefits in people of all ages

Happylegs is an automatic exerciser that provides its users with all the benefits of passive leg movement:

  • Improve circulation thanks to the movement of your legs. Thus, it prevents the appearance of vascular diseases such as varicose veins and thrombosis.
  • Strengthen the muscles of your legs and prevent the appearance of cellulite .
  • Improve your position while sitting , it is ergonomic.
  • Helps combat lower back and back pain .
  • Avoid the symptoms of tired legs .
  • Fight sedentary lifestyle . Take advantage of every moment you are sitting to move your legs passively.
  • Improves restless leg syndrome and chronic fatigue.

1.30 h using Happylegs = 1h walking .

Every minute using Happylegs burns 5 calories .

There are no contraindications or side effects of any kind.