Adiós a la retención de líquidos con Happylegs

Say goodbye to fluid retention with Happylegs

One of the questions we ask ourselves the most is: How can I reduce fluid retention in the legs? And it is that this imbalance in water levels or in various areas of the body is more common than we think. Therefore, to know how to manage or what to do to improve fluid retention is very important, because Fighting fluid retention in the legs is not only an aesthetic issue, Rather, controlling it will help to eliminate symptoms that can be annoying, such as the feeling of heaviness. So this week in happylegs We have decided to deal with this issue, talking about why does it arise and giving you effective tips to mitigate it little by little.

Fluid retention: frequent symptoms

A very common symptom of fluid retention is noticing a weight gain even having a healthy diet. Since the body, unable to eliminate this excess water, retains it, and therefore, the scale will mark more weight than it should.

Other symptoms are having the tired legs , or the feeling of heaviness and tingling. If we talk about older people, it is also common to notice swollen legs or ankles. Many experts stress that it is due to bad circulation.

Have cellulitis or orange edema formations is also a common symptom when we have fluid retention. If this is your case, we recommend you read our article dedicated to how to eliminate cellulite to show off beautiful legs in summer.

What causes fluid retention?

Now that we know the main symptoms, the next step is to know what causes it. Familiarizing ourselves with the causes will allow us to know how to cope with it in our day to day to reduce it in the best way.

The first cause is genetics. There is a genetic predisposition to suffer from fluid retention. However, there is nothing like fighting it by having a healthy lifestyle, without alcohol and without foods high in salt or saturated fat.

Other causes are the Sedentary lifestyle and lack of daily activity , not moving and staying in the same position for a long time is not beneficial. Finding tools or ways to avoid it will help us improve our body, health and reduce fluid retention. If you want to know how to deal with a sedentary lifestyle effortlessly, read this post.

We also have to take into account vascular diseases as thrombosis , kidney diseases , such as diabetes , or heart or liver problems. If you suffer from any of these diseases, you already know what could be the cause if you suffer from fluid retention.

Another important fact is that fluid retention usually affects more women than men. It is for this reason that the hormonal changes also play a role especially if you take birth control pills or if you are pregnant. How can I prevent or eliminate fluid retention?

How can I prevent or eliminate fluid retention?

To combat fluid retention in the legs It is important to be in the hands of a professional. But, if we make small changes in our lifestyle we can prevent and even eliminate it. Take note of the advice we give you:

  • Have a low-salt diet: We have told you on several occasions, and it is that food has a great role in our health. To reduce fluid retention in our legs, it is best to eat a diet low in salt and high in magnesium, vitamin B6 and potassium.
  • Physical exercise daily. Moving the body is taking care of our health and doing at least half an hour of exercise a day will help us improve our circulation and therefore reduce fluid retention in our legs.
  • Massage your legs with cold water: This remedy, together with gentle massages, will not only allow you to relax, but will help you to improve the discomfort and swelling in your legs.
  • Hydrate properly . Drinking water is one of the easiest habits to introduce into our lifestyle. Hydrate with 2 and 3 liters of water a day and you will see how you notice a great improvement in your legs.
  • Keep your legs elevated when you are resting. When you're watching TV or reading a book, placing your legs on a pillow to elevate them will reduce swollen legs and help lower leg retention.

Happylegs helps you combat fluid retention in the legs

Now that you know more about why fluid retention arises, let us tell you that Happylegs can help you fight it. As you know, happylegs Has many advantages , all of them, with the same intention: to improve the people's quality of life.

It is because of that if you suffer from fluid retention, happylegs it can be your ideal tool. With our passive exercise machine, you will notice an automatic movement that massages your legs, reactivating your blood circulation naturally. This movement allows you to stay active while improving your circulation. What does this mean? that With Happylegs, you can say goodbye to fluid retention and swelling of the legs and ankles. Effortlessly and without stopping doing your chores!

Shall we begin to move our legs and take care of our health?

Get your passive gym machine!

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