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Take care of your health at work with Happylegs

Have you ever wondered if Do you take care of your health also working? There are many high-risk jobs, such as those where workers are exposed to substances that are harmful to the body or in which they work with dangerous machines. If you work in an office or in any position in the fact that you spend many hours sitting down, you should not fall into the naiveté of thinking that your health is safe .

In line with the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, at Happylegs we want to pay special attention to those risks to the health of workers that could be corrected by means of our sit-down machines .

The European Week for Safety and Health at Work

The days between October 21 and 25 , The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work carried out a campaign on this issue. Its objective was to raise awareness about safety and health in the workplace and promote risk prevention active and participatory . This year's European Week has focused on the current campaign: “Healthy jobs: handling of dangerous substances”.

These campaigns are of high importance since millions workers across Europe handle dangerous substances in the workplace. And, in addition, these data increase exorbitantly with the Over the years. These types of exhibitions are full of effects negative effects on the health of workers and on their long-term capacities term.

In this situation, occupational prevention is very important. For this reason, a multitude of events and activities were organized to raise awareness on this issue and encourage the exchange of good practices to guarantee effective risk prevention .

Happylegs helps to maintain your health at work

Happylegs sit-walk machines work at work as an element labor prevention. As we explained previously, health must be looked at and cared for in all jobs . And, is that, we spend many hours in our working day, so even the smallest details count.

If you are one of those workers who spend many hours sitting , for example, at a reception, at a sales point or in an office, your health is also in danger . Calculate the number of hours that your legs remain still throughout a week, this is terribly detrimental to your circulation.

In addition to the correct return of blood, your posture can also be affected. This is what is known as ergonomics . After long hours of work in the same day, it ends up being difficult to maintain the correct posture for your back, shoulders and neck. i.e. Happylegs cares about the proper care of both your circulation and from your position to the workplace .

You may have already fallen for the realize the importance of a correct position when being sitting. If this is so, you probably already have a footrest , which which is already much better than having nothing. But the truth is that only You are preventing half of your problems. Your circulation is still in danger .

On the other hand, you may already be aware of both sides of the problem and use a vibrating machine. If so, BEWARE! They can be very harmful to your health . Take a look at the dangers that vibrating machines hide and don't be fooled.

So... how do I take care of my health at work?

Which is the best option? The answer is that the solution to these problems is Happylegs . It is not because we say so, it is because different medical studies and user experiences show it .

For all these reasons, more and more workers decide to take care of your health by using Happylegs comfortably while working . our seated walking machines will help you:

  • Improve your ergonomics . Helps you maintain a good position while sitting.
  • Disappearance of lumbar and back pain , derived from a static position.
  • Its continuous movement ensures that symptoms of tired or sleepy legs do not appear .
  • Prevents the appearance of vascular diseases such as varicose veins and thrombosis .
  • Lots of other benefits .

So now you know, yours can also be a job of risk. Take care of your health during the working day and you will see how its benefits influence and improve your day to day. Move your legs at work to move your heart.

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