Ejercicio en casa de forma sencilla

Easy exercise at home

Being at home or sitting for long hours means that your body does not make the movement it needs and this can be detrimental to your health. Would you like to exercise at home while sitting? For example, while you read a book, while you work, while you study...

With the Happylegs passive exercise machine is possible. Moving from home has never been so easy! The only requirement is to be seated. And, it is that, its operation is very simple.

You just have to put one foot on each pedal, choose the speed you want (slow, medium, fast) and let us take care of you. And, it is that, by moving your legs, you activate your circulation with all the benefits that this entails .

How to exercise at home with Happylegs?

But how is it possible that Happylegs helps you exercise and take care of your health?, you may be wondering. The explanation is very simple, it helps you fight the " Sitting ". In other words, the damage caused to your health by spending too many hours a day sitting and hardly moving.

This risk is due to the fact that when people are sitting, the leg muscles remain immobile for too long, impairing blood circulation. Thus, with a deficient impulse of the blood, great damage can be triggered in our organism, such as thrombi . In this way, if instead of having your legs immobile while you are at home , you have them moving, you will favor your blood circulation.

At the same time, human beings have a tendency to sit in a bad position, which ends up having repercussions on our backs, necks, hips... Given this, Happylegs also provides greater ergonomics for people while they are sitting.

In addition, Happylegs can also be used as a complementary treatment for different diseases such as diabetes or obesity , in which movement is essential. In this way, this small passive gym machine is capable of generating great benefits in a clinically proven way.

As for who can use it, the profiles that can exercise their legs from home are very varied. From the youngest to the oldest, regardless of gender, it is essential for everyone to take care of their circulation, and therefore their health.

Dangers of spending long hours sitting

  • Circulation problems: Spending long hours sitting makes proper circulation difficult, and can cause thrombosis.
  • Gastrointestinal diseases: Such as constipation, diverticulitis or colon problems.
  • Cardiovascular diseases: A sedentary lifestyle requires the heart to work at a different rate, raises cholesterol levels and can be the cause of a heart attack.
  • Increased insulin levels: By sitting for long hours, insulin does not act properly.
  • Less concentration: Muscles need to be active to pump more blood and therefore oxygenate and accelerate brain function.

Avoid the main problems of a sedentary lifestyle with Happylegs

Happylegs is the perfect passive gym machine to exercise from home . This is thanks to all the clinically proven benefits that it exerts on users who use it daily. Some of its main objectives and benefits for people's health are:

  • Using Happylegs three hours a day is synonymous with walking for an hour .
  • Avoid the main problems of a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Strengthen legs effortlessly.
  • Eliminate inflammation of legs and ankles.
  • Strengthen the cardiac functions of the heart, even in people with pacemakers.
  • Help fight diabetes and overweight .
  • Disappearance of bruised or injured legs .
  • Significant improvement in restless leg syndrome and chronic fatigue .
  • In users with cognitive impairment , it obtains all the previous benefits provided by Happylegs and improves their self-esteem and autonomy .

So now you know, if you were considering how to move your legs from home , with Happylegs you will be able to do it while doing your favorite tasks.

And…remember, with Happylegs you move your legs to move your heart!

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