Happylegs Vs. Máquinas Vibratorias

Happylegs Vs. Vibrating Machines

What kind of reliability do vibratory machines have ? Are they as beneficial as they say? In this week's post we will show you a comparison of the movement of the vibrating platforms and the passive movement of our Happylegs so that you know which machine will make your heart move without any risk 💙

The movement of vibratory machines, are they useful?

Many studies ensure the amount of benefits that vibrating platforms can produce in our body. Especially when it comes to the world of fitness . But are they really effective and safe for our body and health ?

Vibrating machines claim that they serve to relax, relieve the pain of swollen and tired legs, and improve blood circulation. The reality is that you have to be very careful with these machines since they can pose a risk to our health if we do not have a professional to guide us in their use. 

These types of machines are always accompanied by a long list of precautions, which end up being serious contraindications. Among its effects, we find dizziness, injuries and severe muscle pain .

This type of machine is not suitable for all types of people, so it is very important to know if it is suitable or not for you. You also have to take into account the specifications of the product, since if they have not passed medical and quality certifications, they are not beneficial at all !

Many users say that it has been a real disaster or they have been surprised because it was not indicated for them. We leave you a short list of people who can NOT use vibrating machines under any circumstances. If you have any doubts about whether or not you can use these platforms, please consult a professional.

  • Nonunion.
  • Discopathies.
  • spondylosis.
  • Valvulopathies.
  • Metallic grafts, osteosynthesis or prosthesis.
  • Pacemaker or heart rhythm disturbances.
  • Risk of thrombosis.
  • Recent surgical interventions.
  • rheumatisms.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Cancer.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Infection in the treatment area.
  • eye injuries.
  • Recent fractures.
  • severe diabetes.

Comparative Happylegs and Vibrating Machines. Why choose passive exercise?

Vibratory Machines


  • Vibrating machines generate an artificial movement that can affect our body and lead to injuries.
  • They are not for everyone. There is a long list of people who are prohibited from using it.
  • Its use is limited , using it regularly can cause severe injuries.
  • There is a long list of contraindications, with side effects and risk in its use if it is not under the supervision of a professional.
  • More precise studies are needed to define its benefits well.
  • There are machines that are not approved and in 99% of cases, they lack medical certifications. 
  • Most of the opinions on vibrating platforms are negative as a result of their contraindications and risks to our health.

  • Happylegs is recommended for people with reduced mobility or chronic illnesses , professionals who want to exercise their bodies while working, and any profile who wants to combat a sedentary lifestyle.
  • The regular and continued use of Happylegs produces an improvement in circulation and in the favorable evolution of injuries.
  • Happylegs does not have any type of contraindications or side effects. It is limited to helping your health without being afraid of the dangers that may cause you.
  • The use of Happylegs improves the return blood circulation from the legs to the heart, without contraindications or side effects.
  • Happylegs, is a product made in Spain , has been tested to comply with all European quality and safety regulations and is endorsed and tested by reports made by specialist doctors.
  • The opinions of the patients demonstrate how Happylegs produces the improvement in the cognitive abilities, in the general organic functionality and in the personal autonomy.

As you can see, acquiring a vibrating platform is risking making our body suffer. With Happylegs, this does not happen since passive gymnastics has thousands of benefits. 

 Do not be fooled by machines without any type of endorsement.

You don't play with health 💙

Acquire Happylegs NOW, to move your heart without any risk.

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