Dolor por la artrosis. ¿Qué puedo hacer? Manos Sanas Balls

Osteoarthritis pain. What I can do? Healthy Hands Balls

One of the most recurring diseases today is osteoarthritis. The main reason for this disease is the wear of the articular cartilage, which can be progressive. This disease currently affects about seven million Spaniards. And although many consider that it is an exclusive disease of old age, the reality is that anyone can suffer from it.

Yes, it is true, that this disease increases its frequency with age and usually appears in genetically predisposed people.

However, although these factors cannot be changed, there are remedies and habits that can prevent its appearance and progression.

In happylegs We want to talk about this topic since with the cold, the symptoms of osteoarthritis in the autumn and winter seasons tend to worsen. For this, we will give a series of recommendations to avoid its appearance, to improve that of those who suffer from it and in general to improve your quality of life.

6 Recommendations to improve osteoarthritis pain

  1. Stay healthy and at a correct body weight. On several occasions we have already mentioned how important it is to adopt good habits. But if you suffer from osteoarthritis or want to prevent it, we recommend you maintain a good diet and good physical exercise routines to also avoid cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Hot and cold. We recommend that if you suffer from osteoarthritis, you use a hot water bottle on the joint area at home. Using this method will relieve pain, likewise, it will relax your muscles. In case of having the area with inflamed osteoarthritis, it is useful to apply cold. You can resort to ice packs or cold baths.

  1. Your posture is important. Whether you suffer from osteoarthritis or want to prevent it, adopting the correct posture at all times will help you. The reason is simple, a correct body posture will allow you to avoid joint pain. Try to sleep on flat beds, avoid sitting on sagging armchairs or sofas, use ergonomic chairs at work.

  1. Exercise. It is essential to protect our joints and increase the strength of our muscles. It's good to walk, increase our NEAT and if we work sitting down, exercise outside working hours.

  1. Rest periods. It is good to insert small periods of rest during the activities of daily life. Since osteoarthritis is a disease that causes periods of pain, but if you keep the area at rest it alleviates the discomfort.
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