CAREFUL! Vibration puts your health at risk

The danger of vibrating machines

Recently, vibrating machines that can be a risk to your health are reappearing. After being ousted 10 years ago, they repeat their attempt to gain a foothold in the world of health, don't be fooled .

These devices sell various benefits such as cellulite removal, improved blood circulation or flexibility... But what are they really hiding? Discover the damage that vibrating machines can cause to your health .

Vibratory Machine Hazards

There are some studies of the possible benefits of vibrating machines, but all of them are accompanied by contradictions and risks that they can cause to your health.

So , what kind of reliability does a product have in which the damages are of greater magnitude than those possible benefits that they can produce? Be very careful.

Given this reality, it is very important to take into account the contradictions in the use of this type of mechanism, since they can cause health problems . These damages are accentuated in those people who suffer from a health problem or who have certain conditions .

Profiles that are prohibited from using

We list some of these profiles : pregnant women ; patients with acute deep vein thrombosis ; cardio-vascular diseases ; pacemaker and defibrillator carriers; patients with implantables ; recent injuries or surgeries; acute hernias ; spondylolysis disc disease ; epilepsy ; recent infections ; migraines ; cancer or tumors ; neurological problems; hip or knee prostheses ; joint implants ; pulmonary embolism ; retinal problems; with stress ; varicose

It is especially important to note that the main contraindication of vibrating platforms is their danger of thrombosis . Vibration machines are contraindicated in those people with insufficient venous pumping , which is often the origin of a thrombosis . In short, those people who have insufficiency or problems in blood return should not use these systems that can degenerate into a thrombosis for the patient.

Given the large number of patients for whom its use is not recommended, we asked ourselves... who are these machines intended for? They are just one more hoax with which they plague the health market. And that's something you don't play with.

This type of machine is usually accompanied by a list of precautions , which are actually contraindications and serious dangers to your health. In this way, under no circumstances should a pregnant woman or a person suffering from cancer, to give two examples, use it.

In addition, its side effects include dizziness, muscle pain or injury.

What damage do vibrating machines cause to your body?

At the moment in which the user uses this platform for his training, the vibration is his main work. In this way, these machines perform a movement in the body that becomes excessive .

Those people that we have previously mentioned, among others, cannot use it since this type of movement can worsen their health situation . It is also an artificial movement for your body that can affect your body.

Thus, they are gymnastic devices that stimulate the body through continuous vibrations of different intensity. You should not confuse them with passive gymnastics equipment, such as our seated walking or electrostimulation machines , since they have very different operating principles and technologies.

The vibration is an oscillatory movement. The whole body is vibrated when it is on a vibrating surface (for example, in vibrating machines). When getting on a vibrating platform you must have the consent and monitoring of a professional.

The excessive and uncontrolled use of vibratory machines can cause:

  • Discomfort
  • Interference with activity
  • Alterations of physiological functions
  • neuromuscular disorders
  • Cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine and metabolic
  • Sensory and nervous system disturbances central
  • Long-term effects: Risk to the health of spinal column

Benefits of the passive Happylegs exercise against damage produced by vibration

In summary. You cannot get on the vibrating machines if you have any of the conditions listed above. Or, if you do not belong to any of the aforementioned groups, you should always take care of the time and intensity of the exercise .

In addition to these parameters, the use of these machines must always be supervised. A clear example occurs in gyms , where users must have the supervision of a trainer when they want to use this type of machine.

As we have already explained, a good health tool should not have the possibility of causing harm to the person . And this is where Happylegs can help you. Our machines have received awards as the best invention in the USA and are designed to last for many years.

Its operation is easy, practical and effective. Happylegs's seated walking machines consist of a physical and mechanical movement , as well as a passive and natural one for the body. All these characteristics generate a multitude of benefits for your health: stimulates circulation blood , tones leg muscles , helps prevent thrombosis , improves your ergonomics , prevents the appearance of varicose veins ...

In addition, we must emphasize that our machines do not have any type of contraindications or effects secondary to these platforms that do have them. Our systems perfectly comply with our philosophy of helping your health without having to fear of the dangers that may cause you .

Try it for yourself

Faced with vibrating machines that only bring dangers to your health, Happylegs brings together 3 medical reports , from 3 different specialties : phlebologist, cardiologist and general practitioner . Through them we scientifically demonstrate not only how they do not have adverse effects , but also all their benefits . In turn, vibration devices do not boast any medical certification and are full of contraindications.

To prove it to you, we invite you to compare it yourselves . We are not going to ask you to buy a machine of each type, of course. Just do these searches on Google: “contradictions of vibrating machines” and then “contradictions of passive gymnastics” . Find out and discover in a multitude of studies the risks and damages of vibrating machines.

In this way, you will see the great danger that these machines hide compared to our passive gymnastics system that you will not find contradictions about and that can change your life for the better and without fear.

With our seated walking machines, you move your legs to move your heart without any risk, and that is the most important thing.

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