¿Teletrabajas o trabajas sentado?, ¡mueve tus piernas!

Do you telework or work sitting down? Move your legs!

In our country, there are countless jobs that are carried out sitting or require many hours in this position. But, in addition, to this we must add a large number of workers who have had to join the teleworking culture given the current circumstances. So, if we stop to think, how many people in our country sit for too many hours without moving their legs ?

The day of an office worker, do we turn it around?

In the morning, an average of 6 hours without moving your legs

You get up, have breakfast sitting down, get ready and go to your job. To get to this destination, you are sitting in your car or on public transport. When you are already at your job, you add up to 5 hours in a row sitting down. You return home, once again sitting in your car or in that transport that you have already taken at 8 in the morning.

Now let's turn it around. You get up, have breakfast quietly while you move your legs with Happylegs . You take the bicycle, you walk, or in the transport that you choose and you arrive at your job. You sit for 5 hours of your morning shift, but this time you move your legs and sit in the correct posture and take advantage of every last moment. History has changed, right?

In the afternoon, about 4 hours sitting

It's time to eat and rest. After the meal, you sit on the sofa and disconnect while you keep moving your legs! You go back to work and continue. isn't it amazing?

At night, two more hours without moving your legs!

At the end of the day, after the long working day and all the errands we have had to do, what we most want is to rest while sitting while we do what we like the most. And what if you took advantage of all this time to keep moving your legs? You can do it with Happylegs!

Move your legs at any time of the day at the speed you choose

Have you seen how easy it is to take advantage of the last moment of the day to take care of your health? In addition, Happylegs adapts to the needs of each moment and the way in which you are most comfortable .

This is possible thanks to its new 16 speeds that you can regulate according to your tastes. Of course, the higher the speed, the more number of steps will be compensated. Although the truth is that all speeds are suitable , moving your legs is always better than having them still and poorly positioned.

In this way, with Happylegs, you will always have your legs well supported, with a straight back and with your legs moving at the speed you choose . From almost a very subtle movement to a speed that you will feel like walking.

Passive exercise at any time of the day

In addition to speed, you can also choose at what times of the day to take care of your health through the passive exercise of Happylegs . We have shown you all the opportunities of the day to move your legs .

Now it's up to you to choose when and at what speed you are going to take care of your health with all the benefits of Happyelgs .

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