Problemas de corazón---Cómo evitarlos

Heart problems---How to avoid them


Heart problems in many cases are can prevent. Today, sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases in the 21st century in the developed countries. But, although this way of life is inevitable, there is a series of tips for heart care.

The routines of working days cause employees to Employees spend most of the day sitting. This, among others consequences, it can cause cardiovascular health problems. And, is that, this lifestyle together with a bad diet affects directly to heart health.

To prevent this from happening and to put everything in your hand to have a healthy heart , there are a number of tips to heart care and efficient cardiovascular health.

How to take care of your heart- 5 tips that will change your life

1. Be physically active and have a healthy heart.

Staying active can save your life. Moderate physical exercise is, as such, a medical prescription to reduce the risk of heart problems. The World Health Organization recommends that at least 10,000 steps a day should be taken, which is equivalent to 7 kilometers a day.

Sometimes we don't have the time to do all movement beneficial to our health. Even when we try replace means of transportation by walking, or going for a walk walk, not every day we can carry out the recommended daily activity.

The solution to your problems

That's why we invented Happylegs , to help people take care of their hearts. Our passive gymnastics machines help you to have the necessary activity to achieve ideal cardiovascular health and avoid the appearance of diseases.

How Happylegs works is very simple. You simply need to be seated while doing your daily activities like working in the office or reading a book from home. With this position, you only have to place your legs on the machine, choose the speed and let it move your legs while taking care of the health of your heart. Its cardiovascular benefits are clinically proven .


2. No smoking.

This habit so ingrained in the lives of many, can cause serious heart health problems. Smoking can cause damage to blood vessels, deterioration of the arteries and increase the risk of have high blood pressure.


3. Good nutrition.

The Mediterranean diet, based mainly on fruits, vegetables and fish, reduces cardiovascular risk and mortality from heart problems by a high percentage. The truth is that overweight and obesity are the cause of the vast majority of heart attacks.


4. Sleep well to reduce heart problems.

In the same way that having an active body helps to improve cardiovascular health , resting well at night is also vital. Good sleep is associated with a reduction in heart problems .


5. Control stress and tension.

When you are stressed, you cause a lot of damage to your heart. This is because this mood causes high blood pressure. So if we suffer Usually this state ends up taking its toll.

Therefore, you must carry out the relaxation practices that best suits you to have greater physical and mental health.


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