Evita el dolor de rodilla y disfruta del movimiento

Avoid knee pain and enjoy the movement

The knees They are a fundamental part of our body since they provide it with stability. They allow us to jump, bend over, stand, walk and run, they are in charge of making our legs bend and straighten . The problem arises in the knee pain .

He knee pain It is a common symptom in people of all ages. It can affect the performance of many daily activities to a lesser or greater extent, from playing a sport to not being able to walk.

Symptoms can start off mild and progressively worsen over time if not treated properly. Have knees with ailments has an impact on the quality of our lives and, therefore, we must attend to them and take care of them as they deserve.

Avoid knee pain

What are the causes that cause knee pain?

the articulation of The knee is the joint to which we submit the greatest effort. daily. Therefore, it can be affected by different causes such as:

  • injuries . Any of the ligaments or tendons that surround the knee joint and the bones and ligaments that form it can be affected. The most common are anterior cruciate ligament injury and meniscus tear.
  • mechanical problems . Detachment of bone or cartilage fragments, slipped bones, hip or foot pain are some of the mechanical problems that cause knee pain. He IT band syndrome It is a very common condition in runners and cyclists.
  • Arthritis . There are numerous types of arthritis, but those that most affect the knee are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, pseudogout, and septic arthritis.

Risk factors that can increase knee problems

have suffered a previous injury and the overweight they make you more likely to suffer an injury. This is because the demand on the knee joints increases, making it easier for it to break.

On the other hand, some sports They are more harmful to the knees than others, since they require more demand on the knee. The impact that the knee must absorb when you run increases the risk of injury.

However, it is important keep muscles strong since they help stabilize and strengthen the joints, preventing all the effort from falling only on them.

What can we do to prevent our knees from hurting?

Strengthen muscles and gain stability It is a key point in the prevention of knee problems because muscle weakness is one of the biggest causes of injuries.

If we strengthen the muscles that surround the knee, what we achieve is that both the knee and the muscles work together, being more effective. However, care must be taken and sports exercises with proper technique and in the most correct way possible.

Maintain a proper and healthy weight It is very important to avoid that the joints are forced to support more pressure than necessary. Therefore, if we combine this with adequate physical exercise for our knees, we will be avoiding injuries and ailments.

Happylegs, the solution to your knee pain

We are used to it to go running to clear ourselves, use static and electric bikes , but if you are a person with knee problems, it is not highly recommended to do so according to the Dr. Jorge Ulloa given that the joints suffer a lot with repeated impact.

In happylegs We present you an alternative to strengthen your legs and stay active without harming your knees, it has no contraindications or side effects, only benefits for your health .

happylegs is a automatic exercise machine that make life better of a lot of people. His automatic movement massage your legs reactivating your blood circulation naturally and favor your physical activity.

  • Its use strengthen your legs without making any effort.
  • Eliminates inflammation on legs and ankles.
  • Strengthens the cardiac functions of the heart , also in people with pacemakers.
  • Its continuous movement prevents them from appearing symptoms of tired or sleepy legs.
  • Prevents the appearance of vascular diseases such as varicose veins and thrombosis.
knee health

Besides, improves your ergonomics , helps you maintain a good position while sitting and making disappear lumbar and back pain , derived from a static position.

Happylegs is a machine that works well for everyone; those with knee problems, those with pacemakers, pregnant women... They are all benefits for your health. Try it and feel how your body activates and improves!

Move your legs while you move your heart with Happylegs ♥ .

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