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caring for our elders

20% of the Spanish population, that is, Almost 12 million people in Spain are over 65 years of age . This group is considered the highest risk group in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and it is everyone's responsibility to protect and care for them.

We must take appropriate security measures not only to protect them but ourselves. We do not know how the virus will affect our health or what consequences it will have on our environment if we become infected, so we must be alert and follow the recommendations that health professionals give us throughout the pandemic.

How to care for the elderly

Taking care of the elderly is everyone's responsibility

The years go by in people faster than we would like and whoever is young now will one day be considered "older". We all look forward to old age in good health and would like to be well cared for and valued. However, there are times when it does not depend on ourselves and the years take their toll, but we can always try to prevent and reduce risks, as is the case with covid-19.

From a moral commitment as a citizen, the protection of old age is everyone's responsibility. Despite the fact that this pandemic is not affecting the young as much as the elderly in terms of health, we all have relatives, friends or close people who are in the risk group of this pandemic and whom we want to protect.

Protect our elders

How does Covid-19 affect the elderly?

The health authorities advise, as far as possible, to carry out a total confinement. Especially to elderly people or with previous pathologies to avoid contagion. Thus, We must try to leave the house only for what is essential and lend our help to our relatives or neighbors who are within the risk group, such as making the basic purchases they need.

The confinement takes its toll on all of us both physically and mentally and the older ones are greatly affected by it. With age, the body deteriorates externally and internally, blood circulation worsens, joints and muscles deteriorate ... Older people they need to do some kind of physical activity so that their health is not negatively affected . For many, this pandemic has meant that they have stopped going out for walks, a daily routine that kept them active and healthy.

What can we do to help them be active?

Meeting the needs of our elders Facilitating their mobility within the home so that they can be active and monitoring their health are fundamental issues for their care and well-being.

In Happylegs, we take care of the elderly from home helping them to stay active in a healthy way thanks to our passive exerciser. Now more than ever, we must bet on the well-being of our older relatives and Happylegs is a good way to do it , since they can continue to be active from home without putting their health at risk.

Thanks to the fact that Happylegs imitates the movement that our legs make when walking, their automatic activity will stimulate their blood circulation, exercise their legs and tone their muscles while they are seated. All this without leaving home! They will stay in good physical shape in a healthy way, slowing down the deterioration of their joints and muscles, becoming more active and better physically and mentally.

Also, with the new Happylegs packs , you can take care of them both inside and outside the home, since we have of reusable masks of up to 20 washes and hydroalcoholic gel . On our website you can find all packages available .

The well-being and health of our family and friends is the most important thing and Happylegs wants to help you protect them.

Stay at home and move your legs with Happylegs !

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