¿Cómo ayuda Happylegs a la prevención de la trombosis?

How does Happylegs help to prevent thrombosis?

It is vital to prevent the formation of thrombosis. This is because it is the main factor responsible for the three causes of cardiovascular death most important in the world: acute myocardial infarction, thromboembolic stroke and venous thromboembolism . In addition, it is one of the diseases most common and deadly of the West and, in turn, one of the more unknown .

The deep vein thrombosis or DVT , is a blood clot that forms in a vein deep in the body. Its appearance usually occurs in the legs or thighs . In the event that the vein becomes inflamed, this condition is called thrombophlebitis . A deep vein thrombosis, may detach and be the cause of a difficulty in the lungs , i.e. a pulmonary embolism, heart attack, or stroke .

For her part, the phlebothrombosis deep originates from the formation of a blood clot (thrombus) in one or more veins deep in the body, usually in the legs. That is, it is the formation of a thrombus as a consequence of disturbances in the constitution of the blood, without inflammation of the wall of a vein .

In short, thrombophlebitis is the formation of a thrombus as a consequence of inflammation of the wall of a vein . While, phlebothrombosis is the formation of a thrombus as a consequence of alterations in the blood constitution .

How does Happylegs help you to prevent thrombosis?

It is essential to know the causes of the formation of said thrombi . The clots blood flow from deep vein thrombosis can be caused by any factor that prevents the circulation of the blood or its correct coagulation . These may be an injury to a vein, certain medications, surgery, and limitation of movement . In this last constituent is where Happylegs helps you prevent thrombosis .

Remaining seated for long periods , such as in the office, at home, behind the wheel... is devastating. And it is that, when the legs are motionless for hours, the calf muscles do not contract, ceasing to help the blood circulation . Thus, if this group of muscles does not move for a long time, it can lead to the formation of blood clots .


Our seated walking machines are a effective solution to prevent problems derived from inactivity and sedentary lifestyle . They provide a good return circulation , which is essential to eliminate the "garbage" that the body generates.

The consequences of a poor return of blood are very serious : varicose veins, cramps, cellulite... and most importantly, thrombosis . The vast majority of thrombi in the body occur in the lower extremities or in the heart, precisely because of a sedentary lifestyle . In this way, with Happylegs, through the movements of your feet and legs, You can reduce the risk of thrombosis in a medically proven way .

Medical studies certifying how Happylegs helps prevent thrombosis

Doctor Tisaire Sanchez

Doctor Javier Tisaire Sánchez, a specialist in General Medicine , demonstrated the clinical benefits of Happylegs in patients with cardiovascular or peripheral vascular disease.

This was a prospective clinical study in which the benefits obtained in patients who received Happylegs passive exercise care , compared to those who maintained their usual treatment. It should be noted that in both groups there was no pharmacological intervention other than that prescribed for their pathologies.


As for the return venous circulatory behavior of the lower extremities, concluded that:

  • When evaluating the sensation of heaviness or tingling and pain in the feet, ankles, and legs, it was observed that all the symptom parameters referred to venous stasis that occur in people with poor return had improved.
  • It is worth distinguishing between those patients who maintain independence in their movements and those who have difficulties. In the latter, the perception of well-being was higher given that their Handicap is greatly enhanced by the passive mobilization of Happylegs .
  • In patients with a history of phlebitis or thrombophlebitis of the calf area, there was a reduction in the perimeter of one 9% less than in the initial basal phase.


The Doctor concluded his study stating that there are various aspects both therapeutic as well as preventive in favor of peripheral venous disease of the lower extremities from the continued use of Happylegs. Explain what is due thank you to constant circulatory activation generated by our machines.

Doctor's Study. M. To Santos Gaston. Vascular surgeon and phlebologist

Doctor Santos begins his study with the affirmation that the proper functioning of the return circulation is essential for blood to reach the heart . This fluid contains toxic substances and its mission is to perform biological replacement, which means eliminating CO2, urea and waste substances "garbage". Once this purification process is finished, oxygen enrichment begins in the lung area, which is transported to the heart and from there it is distributed throughout the body, through the arterial circuit.

In this way, explains the doctor, when the systems that favor this return fail , the lower extremity edema and the ideal conditions are triggered for the development of chronic venous insufficiency, whose common denominator is the varicose veins (link varicose veins previous post) .

Happylegs help in the sponge of Lejars

The Doctor, in addition to citing the necessary movement of the calves to promote this much-needed return, speaks of the Lejars sponge . This is one extremely dense intradermal and subdermal venous network , which, explained in a very simple way, is found in the sole of the foot Santos explains that human beings walk on this sponge that we crush with each step.

Taking all this into account, the doctor describes Happylegs as a mechanism that directly influences the plantar sponge, achieving an increase in flow in the venous system of the foot. The effect would be similar to passive gymnastics that forces you to carry out a constant exercise of flexion-extension .


He concludes his study stating that Happylegs prevents and relieves ailments of those who remain many hours sitting , of those that, seeming chronic venous insufficiency or varicose veins , they suffer from a classic venous pathology. And finally, those who have a insufficient venous pumping of the calf , which is the origin in many occasions of a thrombosis .

Dr. Jorge Ulloa Iparraguirre. Cardiologist

Ulloa, as a cardiologist, takes time recommending the use of Happylegs to his patients . He affirms that our machines are an excellent tool for activate arterial and venous circulation and force the heart to pump more blood and increase circulation . In this way, it prevents arteriosclerosis and the thrombosis , in addition to a Mediterranean diet , blood pressure control, complete analysis and other medical controls.

Autoergon studies and data collection

Physical activity and movement, whether in sports or in another type of activity, is where the extremities play a very important role. This is because they help a correct circulation in veins and arteries with the consequent benefit on the heart and brain .

He sedentary lifestyle either due to labor needs, sensory impediments, such as visual deficit or joint and muscle disorders, lead to a slowing of blood flow .

Thus, the study explains that promoting mobility in the lower extremities, as our Happylegs system does , determines a notable improvement in the blood circulation with the subsequent benefits to the whole organism.

Are multitude clinical benefits of our machines. Check out our other benefits and find out why with Happylegs your health can improve very easily.

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