Tus mayores, tu futuro

Your elders, your future

International Day of Older Persons

This Monday was commemorated as every October 1, the International Day of Older Persons . From Happylegs we want to give visibility to this date that we consider of vital importance to fight for the rights of our elders .

It is a day whose main objective is recognize the contribution and need of older adults in the development human and economic . On the other hand, emphasis is also placed on opportunities and the challenges posed by demographic aging world.

The reality they face

Seniors have always played a role of great importance in society . For example, in them is the task to guard and transmit our traditions . But the The reality is that, despite its importance both within families As in society in general, the elderly find themselves in a dangerous vulnerability situation .

In this way, they face a diversity of disadvantages caused by different factors such as place , gender , socioeconomic situation , health (many are disabled) or their income ... Which cause many of them to fall into poverty or suffer discrimination .

Now, close your eyes for a moment, visualize your grandpa or an elderly person with whom you have an emotional bond. Now imagine him on the street , alone or without help . It's hard right? Unfortunately, it is the situation that many of them experience, that is why on Monday and every day, we must worry about them .

Another reality is that life expectancy is increasingly more as medicine advances. Thus, the population of older people grows at the same rate as your needs grow. Therefore, we must all raise awareness of opportunities and challenges of aging in today's world.

In data from the United Nations , between 2015 and 2030 expects an increase in people aged 60 from 901 million to 1,400 millions. The increase in the aging of the population and inequality economy have an important generational component.

Likewise, this rapid population aging , together to demographic , social or structural changes they can increase the inequalities faced by the elderly .

That is to say, if in a population the number of elderly people , with the sum of their disadvantages , is greater than that of the young population , this would result in the limitation of the economic growth of a place , as well as in the rupture of its cohesion. social .

International Day of Older Persons:

"Journey to age equality"

This year's theme was "Journey towards age equality" , which is closely linked to the Sustainable Development Goal. It seeks to combat both the inequalities that the elderly currently face, and to prevent the forms of exclusion that will arise in the future.

Thus, its objectives were focused on:

  • raise awareness about inequalities in old age . Show the disadvantages they have and highlight the intergenerational risk of a increase in inequality in old age .
  • raise awareness about the need for action . Today urgent intervention is required. before the inequalities that attack the elderly. It is also needed work to prevent possible future problems . As the the age of the unemployed reduces their chances of finding a job.
  • Explore the social and structural changes in the framework of the policies of the course of life Referring to lifelong learning , to proactive and adaptive labor measures , social protection and to universal health coverage .
  • Reflect on practices, lessons learned, and progress made. When you work they get results, but it is also necessary to learn from the process . In In this case we need to learn from the removal procedures of the inequalities towards the elderly . Similarly, it is necessary to study efforts to undo negative narratives and stereotypes that affect old age .


As for possible remedies, the 2030 Agenda and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals emphasize that for development to take place it is necessary to integrate all ages . This translates into empowering older people in all areas of development. In this way, through their participation in social , economic and political life, it helps both to guarantee their inclusion and to reduce the many inequalities they face.

Analyze, our elders one day were your age, your dreams and your illusion . Now, their situation has caused them to need you, help them! You have many forms, from different volunteers and associations to small acts in the street.

With Happylegs you can also help your elders . Through our seated walking machines your health will immediately notice an improvement thanks to all its properties .

They are you from the future, remember that.

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