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All Happylegs products and accessories

Do you know all our products? Today we want to tell you about all the articles that we offer you and the relationships between them so that you can get the most out of them.

Also, it is important to know that all news that we incorporate into Happylegs are always compatible with our machines , never becoming obsolete over time. Our philosophy is focused on always improving our products without making the previous ones useless.

Happylegs products

Happylegs in various colors: red, blue and white

We start with our most recognized product that can change your life. We are talking about Happylegs, our passive gymnastics machine to move your legs while sitting.

We have her available in three colors red , blue and white . As for their functionalities and quality, they are the same, but we offer you different colors to suit your tastes.

Our Plugins are compatible for all three colors .

Exercising with happylegs

Healthy hands, hand massager

Our manual finger massage roller is made up of three rollers and adjustable pressure nuts. Its effectiveness is such that it is especially recommended for hands with arthritis, tendinitis and carpal tunnel . In addition, it also straightens crooked or bumpy fingers. Discover all the benefits of our healthy hands!

Happylegs accessories

Our controls

Happylegs ON/OFF remote control

It consists of a transmitter and a remote control. The transmitter must be connected to the current and next to the electrical transformer of the Happylegs machines. Thus, you can turn your machine on and off Happylegs from our ON/OFF control. This command is compatible with the "Happylegs Replacement Transformer".

Multifunction Remote

This controller is one of the latest Happylegs novelties and you will surely love it. Through it, you will not only be able to turn on and turn off our machines remotely, but also allows you to Happylegs 16 speed up and down level to level. That is, it is made up of 3 buttons, one for power, (+) to increase the speed and (-) to decrease the speed one by one.

This command is compatible with the “New Transformer”.

our transformers

Happylegs Replacement Transformer

Our transformer is designed to last many years, but if you need to change it for another, we have our Happylegs replacement transformer. It is very easy to use, to start it you must turn its wheel from left to right (from ON/OFF to MAX.) and the speed will increase from minimum to maximum.

In this way, with the same roulette, You can turn the device on and off and also select the desired speed . To turn off Happylegs, you simply have to turn the wheel from right to left, until it clicks.

This transformer is compatible with ON/OFF control.

new transformer

Our new transformer goes in a pack together with the new Multifunction Remote . In it, you will be able to digitally observe the exact speed at which find your machine, starting at 7 and going up to 15 . It is very easy to use since it is controlled with the remote, from which you will turn the machine on and off and you will control the speeds that will be reflected on the transformer.

In other words, you will have the necessary information and facilities at all times to make the most of our passive gymnastics machines. You will know the steps you are taking per minute thanks to Happylegs! If you still do not know our table of equivalences of speeds and steps per minute, we invite you to take a look at it.

This transformer is compatible with the Multifunction Remote.

Patch cords for machines prior to 2018

That is to say, adapters for old Happylegs . We have adapters (connection converter) suitable for Happylegs prior to 2018 that adapt the current transformer to the old plug. In this way, we extend the useful life of your Happylegs.

Belts for our machines

foot straps

Strap with velcro fastening system , especially indicated for users with very little leg strength as well as for those who cannot support their feet well. They are designed to be the ideal complement to our Happylegs machines, supporting your feet with the greatest possible efficiency and comfort.

our plugs

Our idea is that Happylegs can be used in all parts of the world. For this, we have plugs with the specifications of a multitude of countries such as Spain, England, the USA...

Now you know all our products and their relationships, but if you still have any questions… Do not hesitate to contact us!

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