Tobillos y piernas hinchados

swollen ankles and legs

You feel swollen legs and ankles at the end of the day? Summer arrives and the symptoms worsen? Swelling of the lower extremities of the body is a problem It affects a large part of the population , especially older women.

With the arrival of heat , temperatures increase what causes our veins to dilate favoring fluid retention in our ankles and legs. But the heat is not the only thing that causes our feet to swell, there are other causes that cause it.

What causes swelling in the feet and legs?

poor blood circulation It is one of the most common reasons for swollen ankles and feet in both the elderly and young. As you get older, your body also ages and with it the blood vessels making the circulation worse. In young people, on the other hand, it can be congenital or suffer from spending many hours standing, sitting with an incorrect posture or sleeping in a bad position, although the latter can be solved by changing habits.

Currently we work many hours straight standing or sitting without hardly moving, something very unflattering for the circulation of our body. This causes our ankles and feet to be more swollen than normal at the end of the day, making us feel uncomfortable.

Footwear is also important . Wearing socks or shoes that oppress the foot a lot can cause us to find that our feet are swollen when we remove them.

Hormonal changes and pregnancy They greatly affect the swelling of our ankles and legs. Thus, women are the ones who suffer the most especially if they are pregnant. There is a syndrome known as "elephant legs" Associated with swelling of the legs that affects around 11% of women in the world.

Swollen ankles

elephant leg syndrome

Is called lipedema and consists of a abnormal accumulation of fat in the lower extremities of the body . This causes them to acquire the shape of the legs of an elephant and for this reason they are commonly known as elephant legs. The distribution of fat is altered, accumulating excess liquid in the legs and causing it to be confused with obesity or cellulite.

This pathology mostly affects women Since one of the causes is due to female sex hormones, it is important to know the appropriate treatment to deal with it, since it can be surgical or non-surgical.

Carry one healthy life, with a good diet accompanied by physical exercise daily usually helps to improve the situation.

elephant foot syndrome

Happylegs – The seated walking machine

In happylegs We want to improve the quality of life of people and we know that ankle and leg swelling is a problem that affects a large sector of the population.

Perform daily exercise It is a good way to make our blood circulate properly throughout our body and thus prevent ankles and legs from swelling , but sometimes we don't have a free minute left in our day to do it.

happylegs is an automatic exercise machine that make life better of all those people who spend many hours standing or sitting without being able to move. His automatic movement massage your legs reactivating your blood circulation naturally and favor your physical activity.

  • Its use strengthen your legs without making any effort.
  • Eliminates inflammation on legs and ankles.
  • Strengthens the cardiac functions of the heart , also in people with pacemakers.
  • Its continuous movement ensures that no symptoms of tired legs either asleep
  • Prevents the appearance of vascular diseases such as varicose veins and thrombosis .

Besides, improves your ergonomics , helps you maintain a good position while sitting and making disappear lower back pain and back, derived from a static position.

We care about your health and quality of life and it makes us happy to see how happylegs It has already improved the lives of many people. with leg problems.

So now you know, whether at home or at work, you can move your legs with Happylegs, while you move your heart, without contraindications... and how beneficial it is! ?

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