What better way to demonstrate this day?

Valentine's Day is approaching and there's no better time than giving a gift to manage stress, reduce pressure and minimize the risk of heart problems.

From Happylegs, we want this special day to become a healthier Valentine's Day, for you and your partner or for that person you love.

“Prolonged stress can be detrimental. Enjoy things that take away this stress, things that make you feel good: read a book, take a walk, play sports, use Happylegs”

Being in love and therefore happy will help you reduce your stress and anxiety levels and increase your dopamine levels, the "happiness hormone" , key to keeping your body and mind healthy.

What is the perfect Valentine's gift?

If you are one of those who gets tired of always giving the same thing: flowers, chocolates, etc; At Happylegs we propose you to give away quality products, the best for your health.

For him

Many times, when it comes to giving a gift to a man, we think a lot about what to give him, and we don't realize that there are men who like to receive gifts of health and well-being. They, like women, also like to take care of themselves. For this reason, we recommend a Happylegs so that it continues to take care of itself, strong and healthy. In addition, we have several ranges of colors that you can see on our website: blue, white, red and silver grey.

For her

It is time to innovate. Giving beauty and care is a sure value: they are always willing to try new products and make changes in their day to day. For this reason, we encourage you to surprise your wife with a Happylegs . It is an original, motivational gift, related to health and beauty, that will help you improve circulation and prevent the appearance of cellulite on your legs, while sitting, working or at home. It is the perfect gift for such a special day.

The best gift, a RED Happylegs as it defines Valentine's Day. There are a wide variety of colors, but we have thought that there is nothing like passion red, so that the person to whom you give it to will be left with their mouths open.

To share

It is very nice to celebrate love and give gifts on Valentine's Day, so if we give a Happylegs as a gift, we are taking care of our hearts and that of our loved ones and we can share its use and enjoy it together. Visit our website and find all those products to enjoy alone and with your partner, such as Happylegs for the legs and Manos Sanas, Manos Sanas balls for our hands.

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Why not give that special person something favorable for health?

How could it be otherwise, being in love improves the state of the heart. They help reduce stress and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The release of endorphins increases the feeling of happiness, improving the functioning of the immune system.

Numerous studies ensure that love produces an addictive effect in the brain. A HEALTHY couple relationship also benefits our physical appearance. Both love and relationships make the skin much smoother and more luminous.

We like to look good, we want to do things, be on the move, be active. Therefore, there is no better way than to do things together, like being on the sofa watching a romantic series and at the same time using the Happylegs . It is a romantic plan and at the same time you are taking advantage of the time and increasing your health.

It is a way to improve self-esteem. It will be rewarded if the other person makes you feel loved, safe and important. Therefore, improving the healthy habits of your life is very important, because it influences the relationship with your partner.

Love also releases the hormone melatonin, a potent antioxidant that protects nuclear and mitochondrial DNA , preventing premature aging.

health benefits of love

Love and emotions have an impact on the body and mind that can be beneficial or harmful to the body. Stress, anxiety, love, sadness, are feelings that affect you, even if you don't realize it and generate important changes.

To know how to control and manage these emotions, there is no better way than to do sports in a simple and comfortable way. This causes you to release all kinds of tension and therefore reduce anxiety and stress. happylegs It is the perfect and ideal way to do this type of work, since, as a result of its movement, it will make your mind better and relaxed. It is the perfect gift.

These are some of the benefits of happylegs to health:

>> Preserves cardiovascular health by reducing stress

Having emotional health and feeling good about yourself improves cholesterol and stress levels, along with a balanced diet and exercise to take care of your heart.

"Love has a very good effect on the heart by generating hormones to combat stress"

>> Increases life expectancy in people with heart disease

: Being in a relationship reduces the risk of death in patients with heart disease. “Having healthy relationships is very important for cardiovascular health. There are studies that find a direct relationship between sentimental problems and cardiovascular problems in women.

>> Strengthens the immune system

Stress, insomnia or anxiety can lower the person's defenses. Love and health, on the other hand, are a great ally in this regard. They improve the functioning of the immune system.

> > Fights depression and increases self-esteem

Being in love makes you want to take care of yourself and have well-being. If the other loves you, they give you back a valuable image that helps you see yourself as more valuable or valuable. You value yourself, you know how much you are worth, and this generates well-being with yourself. When you are good with yourself it makes you look younger and more radiant.

In conclusion, it could be said that love improves physical health and quality of life at all times of life.

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