¿Qué contraindicaciones tiene la gimnasia pasiva con electroestimulación?

What contraindications does passive gymnastics with electrostimulation have?

What is passive gymnastics or electrostimulation?

Electrostimulation or passive gymnastics by electrostimulation or electrodes, is a technique that is used and works through electrodes that emit electricity. That is to say, that by means of electrodes applied to our skin, a series of electrical impulses are emitted that directly indicate the muscular area to be treated. In some cases, the device can emit electricity directly to our legs, without the need for electrodes. The result? We do not know if it is the same effect that would be obtained by exercising the muscles through passive assisted, mechanical gymnastics, without electrodes or by playing sports. What we do know are the risks they can have for our health if they are not used under the supervision of a health specialist.

This technique is present above all in the fitness sector, personal care and even in rehabilitation treatments. Many times we will find it applied in machines that promise to stimulate circulation, vibrators, in abdominal reducers, anti-cellulite, vests, etc. that promise incredible muscled bodies.

Why should the risks and dangers of electrostimulation be taken into account?

Taking into account the risks and dangers of using electrostimulation will prevent us from possible injuries and serious illnesses. We must know that it is true that these electrode-based devices may be indicated for some injury treatments and physiotherapy, always with a prescription and medical supervision in rehabilitation centers. But if it is the user who uses it daily at home, it can entail risks and contraindications for our health to take into account. 

Another reason that we have to keep in mind is that there are many companies or franchises that put it up for sale without having the minimum guarantees of safety and health for the consumer. These same ones are the ones that use the argument that they are "magical" or "healthy" without taking into account the impact it can have on our body. For this reason, we recommend that before buying an electrical emission device, you consult your doctor and take into account the contraindications and side effects.

Contraindications of passive gymnastics with electrostimulation

The most common contraindications of these training machines in gyms or for sale for home use, with electrical muscle stimulation or also called passive gymnastics ( due to the lack of user effort) due to electrical emissions :

  • Epilepsy. It is an absolute contraindication. Many specialists say that there may be a hypersensitivity to the electrical impulse of muscular electrostimulation that could translate into an acute epilepsy.
  • Pregnant people. When it comes to pregnancies, we have to be very careful, since the use of devices near the abdomen area can affect the fetus considerably. In the same way, care must be taken with vibrating machines, since the vibration generated by the electrodes on the legs could cause an abortion or put the baby at risk.
  • Venous thrombosis, thrombophlebitis and severe arterial obstruction. The use for people suffering from some type of thrombosis is totally prohibited. This profile runs the risk of a vascular accident.
  • Cardiac pacemaker. The use in people who have pacemakers is totally prohibited, since the electrical emissions can cause quite serious problems.
  • Disorders and circulation problems. If you are a person who suffers from circulatory problems, don't risk putting your health at risk! Because if you suffer from chronic venous insufficiency with significant varicose veins, you are exposing yourself to an increase in the caliber of the varicose vein and thrombosis.
  • Abdominal or inguinal hernias. Using devices that can affect the abdominal area will only increase intra-abdominal pressure, with the risk of aggravating the hernia.
  • Neurological disturbances. It is totally ruled out for people who suffer from some type of neurological diseases.
  • Tumors or cancerous diseases. The risk resides in the fear that the vascular increase produced by muscle electrostimulation could favor metastasis.
  • Tendency to bleed. It is a totally absolute contraindication, it can only aggravate the disease.
  • Skin irritation, burns or wounds. If we have some type of lesion on our skin, it is ruled out to apply any type of electrode on it. Even skin intolerances such as allergies and skin irritations should be taken into account.
  • Diseases that affect muscle metabolism, such as diabetes. Physical exercise in people with diabetes must be under the supervision of a professional. Using it without a qualified person can cause a sensory deficit that alters the feedback given the intensity applied with the electrostimulator or hypoglycemic shock.
  • ...

Always consult with a specialist doctor. Do not harm your health!

In short, you should always consult a specialist doctor in case of presenting any of the pathologies described and before buying a device with these characteristics. In the face of the slightest risk, you should always have the opinion of a doctor or a health professional, since these electrostimulation devices are not aimed at all types of public.

According to the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, this type of device should not be used as the only method of physical activity, since it does not replace conventional training or a good diet. (Clin J Sport Med 2014;0:1–3) What's more, many scientists are beginning to study the problems they can cause. One of them, rhabdomyolysis , a disease caused by excessive muscle damage with the constant use of electrostimulation (J. Finsterer, C. Stöllberger / Int J Cardiology 180 (2015) 100–102).

You can consult the article at: https://performa.es/2014/12/16/electroestimulacion-riesgos-y-contraindicaciones/

Happylegs your machine without any contraindications

Our recommendation is that these devices, with endless contraindications, must be used with a medical prescription and must always be used under the supervision of a professional. With a limit of use to prevent the described contraindications or possible side effects.

Our Happylegs machine, unlike those previously explained, has no contraindications or side effects, and it is a device for everyone, of any age.

It can be used by people with pacemakers, pregnant women, people who suffer from deficient return circulation and/or with little muscle mass, with little mobility, etc. What's more, the use of Happylegs favors our health and does not have any type of risk or contraindications. This is due to the fact that it is a mechanical passive gymnastics that moves the legs without effort.

Specialist doctors, such as Dr. Jorge Ulloa, Cardiologist, has been recommending to his patients the use of our sitting-gait machine for some time. He affirms that Happylegs is an excellent tool to activate arterial and venous circulation and force the heart to pump more blood and increase circulation. Thus, it helps prevent arteriosclerosis and thrombosis .

In addition, it ensures that people who have a pacemaker have no problem using Happylegs, since it does not have electrical emissions that could interfere and it is very useful for improving cardiac functions in all patients, regardless of their age. .

See for yourself all the benefits of Happylegs!

And without contraindications or risks to your health.

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