Improve your life with Happylegs

The entire Happylegs team has our very clear principles. From the moment we invented our leg moving machine, our main purpose was to take care of your health.

For this reason, we were also clear that, in addition to the proper functioning of our machine, the origin of its parts and their quality were essential. For this reason, from our origins , Happylegs is a product made in Spain. from beginning to end.

It is not the same to tell it than to live it. Doctor Javier Tisaire Sánchez demonstrated the clinical benefits of Happylegs in patients with cardiovascular or peripheral vascular disease .

It is clinically proven physical support systems like Happylegs It helps remarkably to combat sedentary lifestyle . This aid is not only aimed at people with reduced mobility, but also at young people who do not have time for daily physical activity.

Quality guarantee

The automatic movement exerciser that improves the health of all those who use it, is a product awarded as the best invention in the USA, but made in Spain exactly and without planned obsolescence, as endorsed by our ISSOP seal.

Comfortable and easy to use, you just have to sit down and place your feet on our machine, one foot on each pedal and let the machine move your legs with little effort. You just have to let yourself be carried away by its movement while you sit and walk with H appyleg s while stimulating the circulation of your legs and moving your heart.

happylegs It is recommended for people with diabetes and overweight thanks to its clinically proven effectiveness endorsed by the certificates of different medical specialists and in cardiovascular health. https://happylegs.es/beneficios-clinicos-de-happylegs/

All the benefits are possible thanks to the fact that Happylegs, being a machine with which you do not make effort or have side effects, reactivates the blood circulation of your entire body.

Let's not forget that our passive gymnastics machine is the pioneer and original of this health system. It is the only one with different adjustable speeds, currently 16 positions, which ensures a 5-year guarantee against all manufacturing defects and, above all, made in Spain.

Benefits with Happylegs

Its clinical benefits are incredible in a multitude of profiles of people of all ages. And, it is that, remaining seated for long periods, like in the office, at home, behind the wheel... is very dangerous for everyone.

These are some of the benefits that we tell you about, among many others:

  • The regular and continued use of the Happylegs lower extremity passive mobilization system produces an improvement in different variables.
  • There are no side effects of any kind, or risk in its use.
  • The benefits produced in its users are mainly due to the activation of blood circulation.
  • The continued and constant use on a daily basis and several hours in different sessions increases the improvement and favorable evolution of the lesions.
  • Patient testimonials demonstrate how Happylegs produces improvement in cognitive abilities, general organic functionality and personal autonomy.

The Seated Walking Machine

Happylegs is an automatic exercise machine that improves the lives of all those people who spend many hours standing or sitting without being able to move. Its automatic movement massages your legs, reactivating your blood circulation naturally and favoring your physical activity.

  • Its use strengthens your legs without making any effort.
  • Eliminates inflammation in legs and ankles.
  • Strengthens the cardiac functions of the heart, also in people with pacemakers.
  • Its continuous movement ensures that symptoms of tired or sleepy legs do not appear.
  • Prevents the appearance of vascular diseases such as varicose veins and thrombosis.

In addition, it improves your ergonomics, helps you maintain a good position while sitting and makes lumbar and back pain disappear, derived from a static position.

You already know the causes of that heaviness and tiredness in the legs. Now it is your decision to prevent and take care of your legs to feel good.

using happylegs, Pain and inflammation disappear due to heavy legs caused by poor circulation.

Give Happylegs a chance and feel all its benefits !

Happylegs was already important in your day to day, now, it is your perfect ally to take care of you inside the house , giving you the movement you need.

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