Por qué comprar barato, sale caro.

Why buy cheap, it's expensive.

Happylegs as an investment in the future and health

As the years go by, a variety of products, equipment and services appear. And where before we only found one brand, now there are several, better or worse, cheaper or more expensive, but with an advantage that distances them. the quality.

Currently, there is a trend and pressure in all sectors to provide products and services for less money. And while it is true that at first it may be attractive due to its initial cost, or for its "better quality-price" or "cheaper" communications, other factors must be taken into account to delve into.

Therefore, from Happylegs, we suggest that you ask yourself the following question, Is it really worth "saving" on a cheaper product, but without guarantee or quality?

Why buy Happylegs and not cheaper brands?

The truth is that we want to get to the point, defend your rights as consumers and the quality of our products. This is because more and more are appearing copies of Happylegs that promise unproven benefits and with materials that do not boast of durability .

Happylegs and the rest of the machines that try to copy your activity are tools designed to take care of people's health, so you have to be very prudent . In this area it is essential to be clear where do we really invest our money and what effects it can have on our health.

Our seated walking machine not only has multitude of benefits in the short and long term in your health. Besides, more than justifies its cost Unlike other machines on the market. Because in Happylegs, we take care of you, of your purchase and we know how to give you the guarantees and the answers to everything you may have questions about.

Reasons why not buy cheaper machines

Most of the brands that come to the market and, specifically, to the health and wellness sector, are introduced by selling products at a low price. But what really needs to be asked is : is this product durable? Is it effective? Reliable, does it put my health at risk?…

There is no better saying than that of "cheap is expensive" Therefore, before guiding us by the price, we must look at factors such as those that we expose below:

  • Reliability and security. 

Do the rest of the brands on the market guarantee safety and reliability? The answer is negative and, on occasions, it has even been shown that they can put your health at serious risk, as is the case with vibrating platforms or have contraindications such as machines with electrodes or electrostimulation.

On the contrary, at Happylegs we assure you the 100% reliability, since our product is designed without contraindications of any kind and with clinically proven benefits. And the most important, we are endorsed by  opinions of our users .

  • Warranty:

What guarantee do you offer? Many times, when you buy a product at a low cost, the Price does not have guarantees, neither return nor maintenance, nor quality, nor after-sales service... Is it worth it?

Hence, one of the main causes of the price of the product. In this way , if it does not have a guarantee, it is because the brand knows that its product will require repair or maintenance that you will have to pay for later. What at first seemed cheap, can become an expense that you did not even imagine.

On the contrary, at Happylegs we comply with everything necessary to take care of your confidence. And we do it by making available to you our stamps, awards and the 5-year warranty on your seated walking machine. Because, although our product is designed to last many years due to the quality that prevails, we want you to have the peace of mind of a good service.

  • Durability:

How long does a product that has a low price last? Many machines that face Happylegs are created so that after X years they break down and you have to buy the same product again or pay to try to fix the "breakdown" disguised as planned obsolescence. The result? Another outlay that you did not expect!

At Happylegs we work so that all our products are a investment of money and health, for this reason we have the issop seal against planned obsolescence. this stamp certifies and guarantees our users that all our machines are designed to last for many years. Even to pass from generation to generation!

  • Customer Service:

Have you bought a passive exerciser at a "good price" but have had an incident and They have not been able to give you a solution ? Another reason for the low cost of these machines is because They do not have good customer service , which means that, if you have a problem, doubt or specific problem, nobody knows how to give you a good solution.

in happylegs You'll always have someone to turn to if you have a problem with your sit-walk machine. We stand out for offering a good customer service , made up of professionals who will know how to assist you in the best way so that you feel comfortable and above all supported. In addition, we have different contact channels, both by mail and by phone, so that you can contact us without any problem in case of an incident.

Happylegs is a lifetime investment

We are fully convinced that the price of our seated walking machines is an actual investment . Because as you have been able to verify, We are not like other brands , on the contrary, from the moment you decide to purchase our product we make every effort so that you benefit from all its advantages.

At Happylegs we really care about you and we provide all the necessary tools so that your investment in our products is a quality investment, money and health. Not only at the beginning of the purchase, also, during the entire time that you use our seated walking machine, which, as you have seen, is a lifetime!

Do you want to check it out for yourself?

Do not miss the opportunity to acquire your Happylegs passive gym machine. We assure you, in word, that our seated walking machine will change your life by helping you make the most of all the hours you spend sitting down. And, of course, we will always be available when you need us.

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