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Taking a tour of the unlimited universe that is the Internet, we want to write this post to thank all our customers with their small points of sale and online stores for how well they treat us and the trust they place in the happylegs motorized system. But we also want to thank the satisfied happylegs users who share their experience with all of us. Thank you very much to all, heart :).

Ortoweb user reviews

I use it every day Rated by Cristina Domingo


I use it every day and it suits me very well since I spend many hours sitting

  • Everything perfectRated by Jose Matias Vega Alonso

I bought a Happylegs and have been using it for a couple of weeks. My (premature…) conclusion is that it doesn't work wonders but its effect is positively noted. And absolutely impeccable service. 100% recommendable.

  • PerfectRated by Javier Jaro

Good product and good company, recommended.

  • Great device Punctuated by Jhonnys Suarez Vargas

Since I use happylegs I feel more dynamic. The whole family uses it... wonderful

  • A good productRated by Felix Barcelona

Pretty good immediate delivery

  • very practical when working with the computerRated by LUISA CHETTIBI MORENO

  • My mother is doing very well Punctuated by Ana Cristina

I bought it for my mother who has circulation problems and walks with difficulty. His legs no longer swell so much and it seems that we are getting him to walk a little more every day.

  • Very good price and very fast delivery, and free! Rating by Marina Izquierdo


I really liked the product, it was delivered to me without postage the next day. I will buy again.

User reviews on Independi

Unbeatable, my mom can't walk, and she has heart problems and she's doing wonderfully, wonderfully Review by Carlos

wonderful, wonderful for people who cannot walk and with coronary problems, as is the case with my mother, thank you (Posted on 03/08/14)

Excellent experience, everything great. Review by Jose M

Not long ago I bought happy legs and the whole process has been fast, easy and efficient. I had problems to do it online and they took note of the order through the chat and I received a more than exquisite treatment, they more than met my delivery expectations. In short, I have been more than happy and from here a greeting and thanks for everything. I will buy again without a doubt. (Carried out on 09/24/13)

Great product Review by MR

Good product for people especially who do not walk too much. My father is also obese, which makes the problem even greater. Every day it is impossible for us to get him out on the street, so since he has this system he has at least half an hour of daily exercise.
My GP recommended it to me. (Carried out on 04/29/13)

Exercise at home Review by Laura

Very good system. My father is home a lot, especially now with this weather.
Happy Legs is great for getting your feet and legs moving as they get quite swollen.
We have received it very soon at home and it is very easy to use. He did not want anything complex and it is very easy for him to use daily.
(Carried out on 02/26/13)

OK Review by JAVIER

Perfect. Mobility for those who cannot leave home many times. Interesting and with few risks for older people. Easy to use. (Carried out on 01/25/13)

efficiency Review by Ramón

Ordered on Friday and delivered today. What efficiency. All very well and very fast. (Carried out on 12/17/12)

VERY GOOD Review by Luis

It is a fantastic product. Especially for grandparents who don't go out as much in winter. By moving the legs for a while they activate circulation. They put it at the intensity that works best for them and it works phenomenally.
I ordered it on a Tuesday and we had it on Thursday. (Carried out on 12/14/12)

RAPID Review by Rodrigo

Very fast delivery service. I already knew the product from a relative who had it for a long time. Interesting for people with circulation problems. Without leaving home you can exercise. (Carried out on 10/31/12)

good Review by Oscar

We bought it for grandma. In winter he hardly leaves the house and in summer not much either. His legs are swollen and we thought he would be a good option. Fantastic, how can you graduate her, she goes slowly, but she goes.
The doctor advised us, and they also brought it to us in 2 days. A good system for sitting walking (Posted on 06/08/12)

Very effective Review by Fran

It's fantastic to be able to perform these types of movements for patients who have limited mobility.
I am a physical therapist, and I have recently acquired it for my practice. 20 minutes of movement at a previously valued rate, means that the person does not lose more mobility.
Frankly recommended. (Carried out on 03/29/12)

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