Mejorar tu Salud Cardiovascular Estando Sentados

Improve Your Cardiovascular Health While Sitting

Name and position of the person interviewed: Cristina Gálvez Pérez, Marketing Department.

-What is the main health problem that Happylegs helps to improve?

For many years we have lived in an increasingly sedentary society, where we spend long periods of time sitting both at home and at work. For this reason, more and more doctors and institutions specializing in cardiovascular health are sounding the alert: sitting all day without moving seriously deteriorates health, especially due to worsening blood circulation, and they insist that going to the gym should not It's enough.

-What does its function consist of?

Happylegs is a patented passive gymnastics system that moves your legs automatically. Letting yourself be carried away by its gentle movement, you reactivate blood circulation from the legs to the heart, visibly improving both our cardiovascular health and our quality of life. And all this without altering the day to day, since it can be used while doing any other activity such as working or watching television.

-What immediate benefits and improvements does the user notice?

Happylegs results are visible after two weeks. Both our users and medical specialists in cardiovascular health have confirmed an improvement in the health of the cardiac functions of the heart, disappearance of swollen and injured legs, improvement of mobility in people with chronic diseases, attenuation of joint pain, lower back pain and legs. heavy. With Happylegs you get the same benefits of walking, but it's the machine that works for you.

-For what kind of people is it totally suitable and recommended?
Happylegs is recommended for all kinds of people, especially for all those who spend many hours sitting or standing. Our main audience is the elderly and people with mobility problems. But more and more people are using it in their workplace as an occupational risk prevention tool, since Happylegs, thanks to its continuous movement, prevents the appearance of varicose veins and thrombosis.

-How can we acquire Happylegs? Can you buy online?

At a national level we have been very present since 2005 in La Tienda en Casa of El Corte Inglés as well as in specialized health outlets both in Spain and in the United Kingdom. Since 2005 we are also in online stores both in Spain and in the rest of Europe as well as on our website: . We are currently looking for distributors in countries like Mexico or the United States thanks to the great reception of our product in the European market.

-What other products can we find in your online store?

We sell the Manos Sanas manual massager, another invention developed by our company, which is giving very good results in people with numb hands, osteoarthritis and tendinitis.

Source: “Europa” Magazine, Air Europa in July 2014.

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