Los peligros de trabajar sentado, el sitting

The dangers of working sitting down

Have you ever thought about the number of hours a day you spend sitting down? In the car, on the bus, at work, during meals... If you do the math, you will surely discover that it is a longer time than you had imagined. It has been shown that sitting, remaining seated for more than six hours a day, is the cause of numerous health problems. Luckily, there are several alternatives to deal with it affectively.

How does sedentary life affect your state of health?

According to a study carried out by the General Council of Pharmacists, we are sitting for around 8 hours of our daily workday, although it is only an approximate figure. Actually, if you count the time you spend traveling by means of transport, the time you spend watching TV or the time you spend in front of the computer screen, this number of hours increases.

The problem with this inactivity is that it slowly diminishes your health and you barely even notice it. But one day the ailments start and you realize that the body no longer responds as before. Are victim of sitting , an epidemic in modern societies. The main consequences of spending too much time sitting are:

  • Cardiovascular diseases: A sedentary lifestyle forces the heart to work at a different pace, raises cholesterol levels and can be the cause of a heart attack.

  • Circulation problems: Sitting causes fluid to accumulate in the legs and ankles that hinder circulation and can cause deep vein thrombosis.

  • Gastrointestinal diseases: constipation, diverticulitis or colon problems are also a consequence of lack of movement.

  • Increased insulin levels: Insulin does not work properly when you spend many hours sitting down. Consequences? Obesity, triglycerides and diabetes problems.

  • Concentration deficiencies: a body in motion is a body that thinks better. When muscles are active, more blood and oxygen are pumped and brain function is accelerated.

Passive gymnastics systems to counteract the risks of a sedentary lifestyle

The first recommendation that the specialist will give you is that you abandon your sedentary lifestyle habits and get moving as soon as possible. It is the most effective way to recover muscle tone, ensure good circulation, keep cholesterol and triglyceride levels at bay and, ultimately, enjoy all the benefits of a healthy life.

However, there is something else you can do for your body even in those hours that you spend sitting down. Thanks to passive gymnastics systems such as happylegs you have the possibility of move your legs while you work , while you watch television or while you consult something on the computer.

It is a compact exerciser that works automatically, reproducing the same movements that you would do when walking. A great alternative to reactivate blood circulation, reduce inflammation in the legs and ankles and strengthen the muscles even during those hours that you remain seated.

Get going. Work and daily obligations are not an excuse. You also have a commitment to your body: to take good care of it to enjoy a healthy life.

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