La importancia del cuidado de las manos

The importance of hand care

Our hands are one of the most exposed and used parts of the body throughout the day. We caress, we touch, we feel, we grab… They are an essential tool that we must take care of and pamper dedicating their deserved time.

However, sometimes we forget to protect and care for them properly, giving more relevance to other parts of the body. And, the truth is that it is fundamental take care of our hands in a healthy and natural way Both inside and out.

What happens if we don't take care of our hands?

The dangers of not taking care of our hands on the outside

With the passage of time, and if we do not dedicate the necessary care to them, our hands tend to age faster , spots appear on the skin and dry out. many times we use chemicals, detergents and contaminants that when coming into contact with your hands can be harmful to your health.

In cold seasons and with sudden changes in temperature, our hands suffer the consequences if we don't protect them properly by dehydrating, cracking and scaling. The skin of the hands is divided into two parts, the palm and the back . The palm of the hand is very resistant and thick while the back is made up of a thin and fragile epidermis. The skin of the hands suffers a lot being constantly exposed to the outside and it is our responsibility to take care of it.

Hand care

The dangers of not taking care of our hands inside

On the other hand, we have our hands in constant activity during the day. We use this part of our body for almost all daily activities, so having a Good mobility in the hands is essential to have a good quality of life.

With the passing of the years, especially in advanced ages, problems such as arthritis or tendonitis that affect the mobility of the hands. Therefore, we must anticipate and take care of our hands not only outside but also inside.

How can we take care of our hands?

take care of hands outside

Taking care of your hands from the outside is relatively simple. There are countless hand care products. such as moisturizing creams, gels, soaps with oils ... And we even have natural remedies that help us take care of them. For example, through homemade creams based on ingredients such as almond oil, castor oil, olive oil, shea butter... But most importantly, there are two factors. The constancy when applying beneficial products and getting a habit in the care of our hands.

In addition, when working with products that are harmful to the dermis, we must always protect them with gloves. It is of great importance to avoid that they are in contact with chemical products or pollutants that can damage our skin. In addition, in winter, when temperatures are very low, we must also wear gloves to keep our hands warm and prevent them from drying out.

Take care of your hands inside too

The problem can arise when we do not know how take care of our hands inside . This is a question that many individuals ask themselves in their day-to-day life: "I use cream to take care of my hands, but how do I take care of my hands inside as well ?" if I am continuously making use of them?

This is a logical question, since Taking care of our hands internally is also a fundamental task to take care of our health. In our day to day we are in continuous use of mobile phones, keyboards, manual activities, hard work... which ends up affecting our hands and joints.

Manual massager Healthy Hands

How to go to a physio every day to massage our hands is unfeasible, in happylegs we developed our own hand massager so you can take care of your hands inside too.

He Manos Sanas manual massager helps people achieve healthier and more agile hands with only five minutes a day. In addition, through its daily use, multiple benefits are obtained.

  • Your gentle massage reactivates blood circulation avoiding the appearance of cold or sleepy hands.
  • Greater elasticity of the fingers with results from the first session.
  • Correction of small lumps in the joints of fingers in hands with osteoarthritis and arthritis.
  • It serves as rehabilitation tool to restore sensation in the hands.

Now you know the importance of taking care of your hands inside and out. But above all, you know how to do it. Trust our Healthy Hands to extend the health of your hands!

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