La evolución de Happylegs a lo largo de los años

The evolution of Happylegs over the years

Every good product requires continuous improvement . What does this mean? That you always have to think that our product can be improved to continue working hard on your progress.

In our Happylegs team we always try to improve to continue helping the largest number of people thinking about their well-being and health. That is why Happylegs has evolved over the years to become what we are very proud of today, The highest quality passive gymnastics machine that improves the lives of many people and the only one made in Spain.

The beginnings of Happylegs

It all started with the desire to improve the lives of the people of the inventor Jose Luis Gálvez Campos who designed and marketed in 2002 the first seated walking machine, Happylegs. After 18 years, his philosophy remains the same as today; caring for people's health and well-being .

To make a good machine design, several tests were carried out analyzing different movements that could help to reactivate the circulation of the legs in a healthy way. An example of movement that we analyzed was the one that is made with a sewing machine, but it was immediately discarded when we saw that it caused discomfort in the Achilles heel. Finally, and after several tests, We verified that the most beneficial movement for the legs was the one that imitated the movement that the legs make when walking.

The design of the first Happylegs machine was dark blue and featured a single transformer. two speeds from 9V to 12V , which simulated the movement made by the legs when walking.

Over the years , Happylegs has evolved and improved several of its features. as follows:

Happylegs Evolution

Increase in transformer speeds

What began as a machine with a large two-speed transformer soon changed to add one more, leaving three speeds from 7.5V- 9V-12V. In 2015, the voltage was increased to 9V-12V-15V, and with it the speeds.

Currently, in 2020, the number of speeds has been increased to 16 so that our users can choose the one that best suits their needs and increase and decrease the speed as they wish. The voltage of the speeds goes from 7V to 15V increasing in intervals of 0.5V, that is, 7V-7.5V-8V,…-14.5V-15V.

Ergonomic improvement with the new remote control

At first Happylegs had a remote control only to turn the machine on and off. You couldn't change speed with this one though, you had to crouch down and do it from the machine if you wanted to speed up or down.

Over the years, we realized that having increased the number of speeds from 3 to 16, it was necessary to design a new control with which, in addition to turning the machine on and off, it was possible to change speed to improve comfort. of our users. And so we did, the machine Happylegs has a remote control to turn it on, off or change speed.

New Happylegs remote control

For a while, we will continue to have the old control that only turns the machine on and off for all those who already have a Happylegs and want to adapt it to the transformer.

a silent machine

Happylegs has been improving since its inception to achieve a machine that is as silent as possible; from the materials of the engine to all the parts that make up the whole of the machine.

We have carried out several studies that have helped us to improve the internal mechanisms of the machine, which has made it the quietest passive exercise machine on the market at 36 decibels compared to other machines that produce noise of up to 50-60 decibels. Therefore, Happylegs can be used in an office or anywhere else. without producing noise pollution.

Variety in the range of colors

Initially, Happylegs was only available in a dark blue color. Over the years, it has gone through various ranges of blue until it reached the current blue. Then we introduced the color white and finally last year it came out in red.

In its beginnings it was available in a beige tone that we no longer have. Happylegs is currently available on three colors; blue, white and red .

The three colors of the Happylegs range

Happylegs is recognized by experts

Since ever, Our philosophy has been to improve people's quality of life by taking care of their health and well-being. and we are pleased to say that with Happylegs we are achieving it.

There are several doctors and specialists who affirm that Happylegs improves people's lives thanks to the multiple benefits offered by its automatic movement. Unlike other machines on the market, Happylegs has no contraindications or side effects on your health, It has medical reports from specialists that verify it.

By imitating the movement of walking, strengthens the legs, reactivates blood circulation, reduces the appearance of thrombosis, eliminates inflammation and heaviness in the legs and ankles ... Two and a half hours using Happylegs is equivalent to one hour walking.

No matter how old you are, Happylegs is suitable for any age and physical condition. Try it and feel all its benefits!

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