La atención que nuestras manos se merecen

The attention that our hands deserve

How many hours a day do you spend in front of the computer? moving your fingers across the keyboard non-stop? Sometimes, we are unaware of the activities that we unconsciously perform in our daily routine with our hands.

In addition to our mind our hands also accumulate tiredness and tension at the end of the day. However, we do not give them the attention they need and deserve.

move fingers keyboard

Do you pay attention to your hands?

Our hands are our best ally to carry out most of the activities of our day. With them we touch, hold, caress, work ... They are essential for everything, but we never stop to think about whether we are really taking care of them as they deserve.

With the coronavirus we must follow a health protocol that includes, among other things, the continuous use of hydroalcoholic gel. This has led to some problems with the skin of our hands, since we end the day with dry and rough hands. Putting cream on our hands has become a daily routine for the care of our hands. But… The care of our hands inside?

care of our hands

Take care of our hands inside

Teleworking has been present in our lives for several months, many times increasing our time in front of the computer and the keyboard. This causes our hands suffer after finishing our working hours and putting cream on your hands is not enough.

With the passing of the years, especially in advanced ages, they begin to problems such as arthritis, tendinitis or carpal tunnel . We should not wait for the pain to come to us to start taking care of our hands from the inside. One has to anticipate and prevent them to maintain good mobility in our hands throughout our lives. How can we take care of our hands internally to keep them healthy? The answer is simple, with the right tools, such as our manual massager Healthy Hands .

Manual massager Healthy Hands

He healthy hands massager It is the perfect tool to help you take care of your hands in full. It is made up three rollers and adjustable pressure nuts that manage to straighten and provide the vitality that your fingers need. It is recommended for hands that suffer from arthritis, tendinitis and carpal tunnel for its effectiveness in the results verified by specialists.

Its gentle massage will give you a pleasant wellness on the fingers and it will improve its elasticity, granting greater health to your joints from the first session.

healthy hands massager

Benefits of using Healthy Hands

Our Healthy Hands massager is Made in Spain and has a 5-year warranty . Among its many benefits, the following stand out:

  • Your gentle massage reactivates blood circulation avoiding the appearance of cold or sleepy hands.
  • Greater elasticity of the fingers with results from the first session.
  • Correction of small bumps in the joints of the fingers on hands with arthrosis and arthritis.
  • It serves as rehabilitation tool to restore sensation in the hands.
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