Happylegs, un invento a nivel mundial, para ayudar a las personas.

Happylegs, a worldwide invention, to help people.

What we are experiencing in this time of Covid-19 has highlighted the need to reinforce physical activity to face the great health challenges. We face a great social challenge when it comes to relating to others, whether on the street or in closed spaces. Above all, this fear occurs in older people, as they are at greater risk of having diseases.

If physical inactivity is combined with a sedentary lifestyle, muscle mass is reduced and as a consequence the risk of falls increases and the quality of life decreases. A sedentary life increases problems such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression, among others. But all this does not only affect the elderly, here also comes into play those who work long hours sitting. For this reason, today happylegs It is an invention that is being increasingly recognized internationally, even worldwide! Because her passive gymnastics movements have been helping people's health for many years.

This great invention created by engineer José Luis Gálvez Campos , was thought to help people's health , thanks to its operation similar to that of walking that move your legs while sitting.

The Happylegs passive gymnastics system was born in the imagination of José Luís Gálvez Campos as a way to help people's health. First, he explained what he had in mind on a board and from there he transferred it to the computer using AutoCAD. True to his idea, he went to different orthopedics and large stores and found his product in none of them. He had created something new, he had become an inventor.


Did you know that just reducing the number of steps per day for 14 days has been proven to increase the risk of metabolic disease?

It is a reality that a sedentary lifestyle has always been the order of the day, and more now with the fear that is being generated at a social level. But this doesn't have to be an excuse to stop moving. Because with machines like happylegs It is very comfortable and easy to be able to practice physical activity. Physical activity has to be, with and without a pandemic, an essential activity for our health. Walking does not require special skills. All it takes is perseverance and wanting to move.


The benefits of mobility with happylegs they are many and varied. On the one hand, it helps to burn many calories despite not having a high caloric expenditure, since the activity can be maintained for a long period of time.

It does not injure us, something that does not happen with other sports. It relieves back pain, eliminating the tension of postures at home or at work. In order not to get overwhelmed and throw in the towel at the first change, it is best to start little by little, without exhausting yourself, to avoid getting discouraged soon and leaving it. You have to turn it into a routine and time dedicated to yourself, always enjoying yourself.


The main clients of José Luis Gálvez are in Spain, France , the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and the United States, one of them being Happylegs: which has been awarded as the best invention in the USA and UK thanks to being a silent, powerful and effective system.

It is considered a pioneer and original in Spain and internationally, because with Happylegs you move your body and your heart. Healthy body healthy mind.

Remember: Happylegs 3 hours a day, equal to 1 of walking. And also with its 16 different speeds you can do it at the pace you prefer.

Now you know, its clinical benefits are incredible in a multitude of profiles of people of all ages. If you want to recover your mobility in your legs and do it from home, or at work, with Happylegs you will achieve it.

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