Happylegs Recibe el Premio Issop contra la Obsolescencia Programada

Happylegs Receives the Issop Award against Planned Obsolescence

After having achieved nothing more and nothing less than an award for Best Invention at INPEX 2013 in the United States, the new achievement of the Aragonese company Happylegs has been to receive the ISSOP seal, which distinguishes those companies that work for sustainability and for putting durable products on the market.

The ISSOP seal distinguishes those organizations and companies that have made a decisive commitment to excellence in the field of sustainability, respect for the environment and for people, with the aim of promoting a change towards a new paradigm, based in an economic model where the economy for the common good and sustainability are the benchmarks.

In other words, it is about rejecting the commercial strategy of some companies of deliberately reducing the life of a product to encourage its consumption: many manufacturers program the life of their products so that in a pre-programmed period of time, they become obsolete. or useless, so that the consumer has to buy a new one.
In order to receive the seal, organizations must comply with a decalogue of good practices, among which stand out that the products are repairable at a lower cost than buying a new one or that the product guarantee has a minimum of two years required by law.

The initiative has been launched by Feniss : a Foundation that fights for a real and effective sustainable development and that was born with the vocation of being a world reference center on the need to eliminate planned obsolescence from our lives.

Happylegs has developed a product that improves the quality of life of all people who spend many hours immobile in their daily lives, barely moving, and those who suffer from reduced mobility. In addition, it is recommended as a treatment against diabetes and even against obesity, its gentle movement reactivates the blood circulation of our body, without effort or contraindications: its results are certified by specialists in cardiovascular health.
“We are very proud to receive this ISSOP seal because it recognizes our philosophy of manufacturing with quality, which translates into respect for the environment and for the people who are the most important thing for us. Sustainability does matter, and we are willing to continue demonstrating it”, stated Gloria Gálvez Pérez, Manager of AUTOERGON 2002, a company that manufactures and promotes Happylegs.

Source: An Aragonese company receives the Issop seal, which advocates products without planned obsolescence
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