Happylegs Mejor Invento Extranjero Inpex 2013

Happylegs Best Foreign Invention Inpex 2013

Last June, Gloria Gálvez Pérez, Manager of AUTOERGON 2002, SL, a manufacturer and distributor of Happylegs, attended the INPEX 2013 FAIR, held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from June 19 to 21, the most large and important company in America (http://www.inpex.com) with the Spanish Inventors Club.

In the INPEX 2013 contest, the Happylegs motorized system, patented as a world novelty in Spain, the United States, Australia, Canada, China and the EU countries, has received a special prize from the International Jury as the best foreign invention in the category of Health & Fitness.

This Special Prize from the International Jury has been achieved thanks to both the originality of Happylegs and its effectiveness. Happylegs is a unique and exclusive product made in Spain. Its innovative system has been a great success at INPEX and has delighted both the members of the Jury and the North American journalists, exhibitors from all countries and especially the companies that have visited us and requested information to market the product in their country. , from which we have received innumerable compliments and have shown great admiration and enthusiasm.

José Luis Gálvez Campos, an industrial designer from Zaragoza, invented Happylegs in 2002: “the seated walking machine”, a motorized passive gymnastics system that moves the legs while seated and reactivates blood circulation back to the heart. Its daily use prevents the appearance of cardiovascular diseases, alleviating the ailments caused by having to sit for many hours without moving your legs, something really harmful to our health.

Since the sale of Happylegs began in 2002, we are present in the most important points of sale of the Pharmacy and Orthopedics channel, as well as in La Tienda en Casa, and the website of El Corte Inglés, a catalog and online sales company. important company in Spain in which we are a "Top Sales" product since 2008.

Also comment that the effectiveness of the product is endorsed by the thousands of users who daily experience the improvement in their circulatory system, and this is certified by medical specialists in cardiovascular health who verify these improvements in the health and quality of life of their patients.

In these times that we live in, this award has been an injection of vitality and optimism for an SME, which, like ours, has seen its product recognized in a country as powerful as the United States and with good prospects for expansion in that and other markets. We invite all SMEs to come out, it is very important to see our talents and qualities recognized and to move forward with our companies.

Happylegs is currently present in Europe, in Saudi Arabia and we are opening markets in the United States, Russia and South Africa, among others. For more information, we invite you to visit our website: https://www.happylegs.es

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