Happylegs: Garantía de alta calidad y durabilidad

Happylegs: Guarantee of high quality and durability

Never before has there been such a wide and varied range of equipment, products and services for the consumer, but especially for those with health problems, the elderly and those who have physical and/or intellectual disabilities and who help them improve their well-being and quality of life. This is an added value for all these products and services and society should applaud their ability to prolong life and improve living conditions for all.

When approaching the investment in one of these products, it is necessary to take into account the quality and durability of the product, its psychology, purchasing strategies and evaluations of products and suppliers.

Emotion plays an important role in the purchase decision process for these desirable products. Most of the factory and luxury brands are attributed to desirable products. Some consumers will pay whatever it takes to have the right badge, no matter how good or inadequate the product ultimately turns out to be.

In happylegs We always work with transparency, showing what the product is made of, all its benefits, both health and economic.

The cheapest is not always the best

On the other hand, mobility products, such as stair lifts, wheelchairs and toilet seats, etc., are classified as “necessary-unwanted”, often referred to as “emergency purchases” or “DP”. A disingenuous term, which does little to dispel the shame, reticence or stigma these products can cause. Usually, price and function are the main decision factors, with emotions hardly playing a role. There is a growing trend and increasing pressure, across all industries, to provide mobility equipment and services for less money, and the expression “best value for money” or “most economical advantage” has become standard terminology. , regardless of its effectiveness, quality and durability

In fact, there is nothing wrong with this philosophy, as any individual or hardworking taxpayer would agree. However, the words “less”, “value” or “inexpensive” too often focus on the initial purchase price and not on its effectiveness or durability, let alone its quality.

It is essential that any person, company or authority financed with public funds that wishes to purchase mobility products does so with a “for life” value for money criterion. In addition to purchase prices, reliability and customer service must be taken into account.

Happylegs , the automatic movement exerciser that improves the health of all those who use it, is a product awarded as the best invention in the USA, but made in Spain exactly and without planned obsolescence, as endorsed by our ISSOP seal.

Comfortable and easy to use, you just have to sit down and place your feet on our machine, one foot on each pedal and let the machine move your legs with little effort. You just have to let yourself be carried away by its movement while sitting and walking with happylegs while you stimulate the circulation of your legs and move your heart.

So, what must be taken into account to value a good product at a good price?

To evaluate a certain product or supplier, the following must be taken into account:

Reliability and Effectiveness: Look at customer reviews, find out if the product and the company are reliable. At Happylegs you can ask for several references and it is the only one with certifications made by collegiate medical specialists. https://happylegs.es/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Happylegs-Certificados.pdf .

Guarantee: Transparency of guarantees on our website. Check to see if the warranty is all-inclusive or if there are any hidden charges for calls, labor, wearing parts, etc.

happylegs It has a 5-year guarantee for the machine against all manufacturing defects and 2 for accessories. It is made in Spain with CE certificate and has an agile and fast Official Technical Service located in Spain. For this reason, we have the ISSOP certificate against planned obsolescence.

If you maintain the product properly it can last a lifetime. Happylegs is a sustainable product that cares for the planet: keep in mind that there is no planet B.

Maintenance: Check the rates and frequency of reviews. You should find out if the cost of overhauls covers replacement parts etc.

Happylegs is easy and comfortable to use: you will get all its benefits without having to invest any additional time, while you work or read or watch TV sitting down, and without any effort, you just have to press a button. Happylegs will do the exercise for you and will stimulate and reactivate your blood circulation throughout your body and also has no contraindications or side effects.

We cannot forget that our seated gait machine that moves the legs automatically , Happylegs, is the pioneer and the original of this health system. It is the only one with different adjustable speeds, 16 positions in total, which ensures constant movement and a constant flow in your legs that will oxygenate your blood, improving your heart rate.

In addition to being the fastest system on the market , its motor is the most robust and silent (makes a noise 37 db, equivalent to the noise of a conversation ) so it can be used in an office or in any other place without producing noise pollution and not disturbing the person next to you. There is a noise study carried out by the ITA with Happylegs

We recommend using it several hours a day with a minimum of 2 hours a day, it has no use limit; except if the user is very old or has serious health problems, which should gradually increase the use, as indicated in the instructions. Its internal materials are very resistant (tempered steel and aluminum) which means that it can support the legs of people weighing more than 200 kg. of weight but always seated.

Our system does not have any danger: we have a Happylegs Security studio by the ITA: Technological Institute of Aragon.

Finally, it is the only one recommended by doctors, approved and with patient clinical studies and manufactured in Spain with CE certificate .

Get your Happylegs and feel all its benefits !

Happylegs was already important in your day to day, now it is your perfect ally to take care of your daily health, providing you with all the well-being and movement you need.

And don't forget that

Who moves the legs, moves the heart with Happylegs

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