Happylegs, el sueño de un inventor

Happylegs, an inventor's dream

Every November 9th is celebrated the International Inventor's Day with the aim of honoring all researchers who join efforts to make our lives easier. Its origin is due to Austrian inventor and actress Hedy Lamarr , creator of the spread spectrum , a technique used to widen the transmitted signal in telecommunications to occupy the available frequency spectrum.

Precisely, due to the purpose of this day, At Happylegs we wanted to remember how the process of creating our machines was and highlight the work and tenacity of its inventor . We want to explain how what started as an idea, a dream, ended up being a reality and taking care of the health of thousands of people every day.

José Luis Gálvez Campos, the creator of Happylegs

The Aragonese inventor and engineer José Luis Gálvez Campos founded the company Autoergon in 2002 . His professional career has always been marked by a deep entrepreneurial spirit. His constant interest in improving people's quality of life has resulted in the creation of nearly 50 invention patents on precision mechanisms for industrial machinery.

Its products have been since 1960 traveling the world , having its main clients in Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Japan, Portugal and Mexico . As a result of all his experience, currently, Gálvez develops two patents considered a world novelty: The Happylegs passive gymnastics system and the Manos Sanas finger massager .

The origin of Happylegs

The Happylegs passive gymnastics system was born in the imagination of José Luís Gálvez Campos as a way to help people's health. First, he explained what he had in mind on a board and from there he transferred it to the computer using AutoCAD. True to his idea, he went to different orthopedics and large stores and found his product in none of them. He had created something new, he had become an inventor.

Gálvez wanted his machine to be exactly perfect , so he investigated different types of movements. For example, he considered imitating the one on the sewing machine, but quickly observed how it caused fatigue in the Achilles heel. Thus, after different tests, investigations and medical advice, he came up with the current movement: from front to back, a movement similar to walking , which was approved by the entire team.

Happyleg's father

In this way an inventor was born, as a result of the desire and curiosity to solve problems. Gálvez has always had a concern for mechanics that was reflected in the creation of our machine. The next step was to give it a name, happylegs he was the chosen one. The whole team thought that its main purpose was to help the legs to be happy, so this was the definitive name.

The idea arose from Gálvez's own experience. Our inventor went from the drawing board to spending long hours in front of the computer and soon detected in his own legs the health problems that this entailed.

And so it was, this need that a countless number of people suffered, helped distribute Happylegs throughout Spain, France, England and Germany. In this way, this purely family invention Created by our father and manufactured by us, his children, he traveled and continues to do so, all over the world to help countless people .

The success of Happylegs

Today, thanks to our family's continuous effort to perfect our machine, Happylegs can boast of being one of the most outstanding health machines on the current scene .

His passive gymnastics movements carry many years helping people's health:

  • Overweight, diabetes and hypertension .
  • Syndrome of chronic fatigue and restless legs.
  • Prevents the appearance of varicose veins and thrombosis .
  • Improves the functioning of the heart .
  • increase in blood oxygenation in the organism.

Our original invention , with clinical medical studies, has been awarded as best invention in USA and UK thanks to be:

  • The system more fast, fine, silent and durable that exists manufactured in Spain.
  • No usage restrictions , it can be used for hours.
  • happylegs has 5 year warranty and external components 2 years.
  • Certificate with the Issop seal , product without planned obsolescence.
  • Low consumption silent motor. Height adjustable front legs.
  • Mains connection with transformer with 3 speeds (9/12/15V). Voltage 220V and power 36W.
  • The total measurement of the cable is 190 cm. Holds up to 140 kg of weight.
  • Manufactured by Autoergon 2002 SL in Zaragoza. We do not manufacture for other brands.


Today, Happylegs is a product Made in Spain, Europe and is considered the pioneer and original in this system of passive exercise. It is also considered as the most silent, powerful and effective of those that currently exist on the market .

For all these reasons, today the entire Happylegs team is deeply proud of the result obtained during years of work . Our commitment to offer the best machine for your health continues and increases with the passage of time. We do not stop innovating and thinking about what you need to enjoy the health you deserve without external agents damaging it.

In this way, at Happylegs we are thinking and devising novelties that you will know very soon. With Happylegs you move your legs to move your heart in an increasingly innovative way, effortlessly and while you work or rest.

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