Happylegs, el complemento perfecto antes y después de realizar ejercicio

Happylegs, the perfect supplement before and after exercising

Many times we forget to warm up our muscles before exercising because we are lazy or we are not aware of its importance. However, Performing a good warm-up prior to exercise prepares our muscles and joints , which can help us prevent and avoid injury during the activity.

The same happens when we finish practicing sports. Stretching afterwards is as important as warming up beforehand to avoid injury. At the end of the exercise we are so tired that we put aside this fundamental part of the sport.

Our happylegs machine is perfect to use as a passive exercise before and after playing sports ! Here we explain how:

Use happylegs before starting to exercise

As we already know, warming up before exercising is essential. But, the classic static warm-up where we keep the muscle stretched in the same position for several seconds is not the best idea before starting to play sports.

It is recommended to perform short and smooth movements, small dynamic exercises , which are what will help us prepare our muscles. The happylegs machine is ideal for performing a dynamic warm-up beforehand start doing any exercise. By having 16 speeds available , we can use the fastest ones to activate our body before practicing sports. Thanks to its automatic movement, you will be able to perform other activities while your body warms up for exercise.

You can use happylegs at their highest speeds to prepare your muscles and joints before running, swimming, walking or any other physical activity!

dynamic warm up

Relax the muscles at the end of the exercise

When we finish playing sports, our heart rate continues to be elevated for a long time before returning to its normal rhythm. Our body is fully active and we must gradually relax our muscles and reduce our heart rate little by little.

Happylegs will help you move from the stress of exercise to relaxation . Using the passive exercise machine at their slowest speeds When you get back from exercising, you will notice how your body relaxes naturally until your muscles and heart rate return to their normal rhythm.

Use happylegs after exercising to reduce the tension in your muscles and thus avoid pain !

stretch sport

Feel all the benefits of the machine

In addition to being a great supplement for passive exercise before and after sports, happylegs offers us an infinity of benefits for our body. Using the seated walking machine you will notice how your health improves thanks to the fact that:

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