Happylegs: 15 años Cuidando de tu Salud

Happylegs: 15 years Caring for your Health

It would be 1999 when one Saturday afternoon, the Aragonese inventor José Luis Gálvez Campos went to the sports area of ​​El Corte Inglés asking for a product that automatically moved the legs. He explained that he spent many hours sitting in front of the computer, had heavy legs and back pain.

Seeing that nothing like it existed on the market, motivated by his inventiveness, he designed and marketed Happylegs in 2002, the world's first seated walking machine.

As it happens with all inventions, this one was not understood at first because until now something as visionary for people with reduced mobility had not arrived as a machine that moved the legs automatically through a continuous movement and without making any effort.

Our surprise grew when once the sale was made, relatives and users called us on their own to tell us that their mother saw her more active or that the swelling in her legs had gone down after a few days of use. It is for this reason that 15 years later and Happylegs being a benchmark as a product that helps mobility and improves health effectively, we believe that the best way to celebrate our anniversary is by showing some of the most relevant opinions at this time. :

A constant flexion and extension exercise

« The Happylegs movement prevents and alleviates the ailments of those people who remain seated for many hours, of those who suffer from chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins, which is usually the origin of many thrombosis » .

Cardiovascular surgeon Dr. D. Miguel Ángel Santos Gastón. (04/16/2004)


Improve the health of your heart

« Happylegs is an excellent tool that reactivates blood circulation and improves heart health which, by pumping more blood, increases the blood rhythm throughout the body » .

Cardiologist Dr. Jorge Ulloa Iparraguirre. (03/22/2013)

Aragonese invention and made in Spain

« My father barely walks and is also obese, which makes the problem even greater. Every day it is impossible for us to get him out on the street, so since he has this system he has at least one hour of daily exercise. My GP recommended it to me.

By MR (04/29/13)

Increase your quality of life

"It should be noted that, in the testimonials of patients with reduced mobility, the longer the exposure time with Happylegs, the greater the degree of well-being."

Dr. Javier Tisaire Sanchez. (01/05/2015)

Perfect, just what I was looking for
« It has been a perfect purchase, good quality, it makes almost no noise and the month that my father has been using it (he has quite reduced mobility) it has been quite noticeable. Gets up from the chair with less effort, walks a little better, etc. I recommend it » .
For Jesus, (07/26/2016)


good for diabetes

" My son, who is a type 1 diabetic, wears Happylegs every day when he sits down to do his homework and his glucose levels are quite acceptable . "

By Gloria G. (09/28/2016)
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