Estrenamos Nuevo Happylegs : ahora más rápido

We launch New Happylegs: now faster

Always innovating to take care of you better and better

In happylegs we work continuously to continue reinventing ourselves and innovating with the aim of taking care of you better and better . For this reason, we want to introduce you to our new Happylegs Prime 2021 Silver Plus . The new one gray seated walking machine that will make your legs and heart move so quieter and faster . Do you want to know all the advantages of our new passive exercise machine?


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Happylegs Prime 2021 Silver Plus

What advantages does our new Happylegs Silver Plus 2021 have?

More speed 30% faster!

with our new Happy Legs Prime 2021 you can enjoy a faster movement, since we have increased the engine speed by 30 %. In other words, with our new machine you will be able to move your legs faster for every minute you are using it.

Multifunction Control Improve your ergonomic position!

It also incorporates a new controller multifunction, which allows the use of happylegs be more comfortable from home or office ,

As you already know, sitting for long hours is not good for our posture. With the multifunction knob of our new happylegs you can maintain a good position while sitting , since You won't have to bend down to choose one of the 16 adjustable speeds. Just by clicking on the "+ speed or - speed" button you will notice the different movements of our passive gymnastics machine.

Even quieter!

The Prime Silver Plus model it's even quieter than all previous Happylegs. Specific, we have reduced noise by up to 65%, so from now on you can move your legs while you are working, studying, watching TV or reading a book, without any kind of noise. The new Happylegs is more discreet than ever !

Happylegs in gray, much more elegant!

The model Happy Legs 2021 is created in color silver , an elegant gray It combines with practically all colors. In addition, this tone provides lighting and modernity and manages to give greater amplitude to all spaces. With the new Happylegs Prime 2021 in gray color, having a pleasant and cozy atmosphere in your home or office is possible!

More advantages of Happylegs prime 2021 Silver Plus

Do you need more reasons to buy your Happylegs Silver Plus? In the following video you will be able to see our machine in operation and check its efficiency and its main advantages.

Happylegs helps to fight effectively and without risk to your health

the best of our passive gym machine what with few sessions you will get great results. Among them:

  • The disappearance of inflammation in the legs and ankles.
  • Decreased blood glucose levels.
  • Effortlessly strengthen legs nor against indications.
  • Eliminate postural and back pain.
  • Reactivate circulation from the legs to the heart.
  • And more clinical benefits that you can read by clicking here.

and now that you know our new Happylegs Silver Plus and its main benefits Why don't you start moving your legs and taking care of your health now? 

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