Enfermedades neurodegenerativas - ¿Cómo evitarlas?

Neurodegenerative diseases - How to avoid them?

Mental health, the care of your brain and heart

The brain and the heart are intimately linked. Individually, they are the most important organs in our body, in such a way that the proper functioning of one is essential for the other to function correctly. That is, they must be in perfect harmony if what you want is to avoid neurodegenerative diseases and many more.

Relationship between heart and brain

Understanding the dependency between these organs is a very simple task. In the physiology of the human body, the heart is the main muscular organ of the cardiovascular system on which the health of our body depends to a large extent. In turn, this organ forms the perfect pairing with the brain, which is responsible for governing the functioning of the body using nerve connections and, fundamentally, blood supply. Thus, a correct blood supply supposes a correct brain function and a reduction in the possibilities of appearing as a cognitive disease.

Mental health through physical exercise

Next, we are going to explain how to achieve proper mental health through physical exercise . Of course, there are many other factors that will help you maintain proper cognitive health, which you can discover here .

Thus, at Happylegs we have wanted to pay special attention to physical activity as a factor in the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases , since it is the main and most effective of them. Through physical activity, either in sports or in other types of activities, it is where the extremities play a very important role. Since, through their movement, they help correct circulation in veins and arteries with the consequent benefit on the heart and brain .

Relaxation after exercise is essential for organic recovery, both in the locomotor system and in the heart and brain. However, excessive inactivity harms one of the main functions of the heart, distributing vital substances for the functioning of our body through the blood supply.

Inactivity and brain problems

In this way, a sedentary lifestyle , whether due to work needs, sensory impairments, such as visual deficits, or joint and muscle disorders, lead to a slowdown in blood flow with the consequent reduction in the entire organism, including the brain.

Therefore, it is essential to promote mobility in the lower extremities to prevent neurodegenerative diseases . Through the Happylegs passive gymnastics system , especially in situations of little mobility, it determines a notable improvement in blood circulation with the consequent benefits to the brain and the rest of the organism.

Prevent neurodegenerative diseases with Happylegs

Doctor Tisaire Sánchez concluded his study on the benefits of Happylegs in mental health, with the following statement:

“A better and greater oxygenation of the tissues at any level of our body will determine a better cellular function and a delay in tissue aging and, therefore, not only a better vital perspective, but a better quality of life. Your heart and brain will thank you."

In this way, we can conclude that, through physical activity, we help our lower extremities to promote the necessary blood flow for, among other benefits, the correct functioning of the brain . Therefore, for those who do not have time, work in the office, have movement difficulties, or all those who cannot perform the recommended daily exercise, they can count on the help of Happylegs to achieve the health of their heart and, therefore, So much for your brain.

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