Cómo retrasar el envejecimiento

How to delay aging

Aging is a natural and irreversible process of life, although there are several factors such as genetics and lifestyle -healthy hygiene habits and behaviors- that will help us slow down the process and FEELING AND BEING YOUNGER AND ACTIVE.

As you age, there is a deterioration in organs and bone mass that increases the risk of fractures. Likewise, there is a tendency to increase fat mass and decrease muscle, which can cause loss of strength and difficulty in performing many daily tasks.

For many years growing old was something irremediable and was taken with resignation. Currently we do not stop hearing the concept of "active aging" that is associated with high cognitive functioning, physical and functional capacity and active commitment to life.

Finally, at the beginning of this century, it is defined as the "process through which opportunities for physical, social and mental well-being are optimized, with the aim of extending healthy life expectancy, productivity and quality of life in old age" and there safety, health and participation are essential.


Based on the fact that the term "active" not only refers to physical capacity but also to continuous participation in issues in different fields, without a doubt the QUALITY OF LIFE and HEALTH in old age are essential. Thus, moderate physical exercise, a healthy diet, family and social relationships, and cognitive stimulation help to stay young and active.

For this reason, Happylegs is the best alternative for physical exercise at home, because when we sit without moving we will stimulate circulation in the legs and tone and increase muscle mass.

Happylegs is the perfect tool to avoid a sedentary life, which is the main risk factor for many pathologies, cardiovascular, diabetes, etc. and to maintain in a simple and continuous way a daily physical activity easily and without any effort. It is a powerful ally for our health and its therapeutic exercise together with a healthy diet constitute the best solution to be healthy, active and have quality of life.


The benefits and positive effects of using a Happylegs on our health, due to its movement similar to walking, have been tested, measured and demonstrated through scientific studies in the prevention of different pathologies such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, etc.

There is documentary evidence of the many benefits to our health of replacing the time of sitting still with the activity of Happylegs: the seated walking machine.


Active aging is considered a social and political objective that seeks to improve the autonomy, health and productivity of the elderly through the support of the health area.

That is why we recommend Happylegs, which helps and prevents the appearance of the ailments mentioned so commonly treated by family doctors in our Health Centers.

If a person over the age of 55, in addition to regular exercise and eating a healthy diet, uses Happylegs consistently every day for at least 1 hour and a half to 2 hours, they can prevent the onset of many of the diseases already described and if you already suffer from them, mitigate your symptoms and take less medication. Happylegs has no contraindications or side effects.

All this easily, at home, while you read, watch TV or talk on the phone, and effortlessly. Don't forget that: Who moves the legs, moves the heart with Happylegs and movement is life.

If you want to stay young, healthy and active: do not hesitate to buy it and use it daily at www.happylegs.es and do not miss our exclusive offers.

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