Cansancio y pesadez en las piernas

Tired and heavy legs

Do you feel heavy and tired legs when you spend a lot of time sitting or standing ? The heaviness and tiredness of the legs affects a large part of the population. We spend hours and hours working sitting down without moving our legs, which often causes them to swell and feel heavy.

The quality of our life depends on our health and if our legs do not respond adequately when we try to move them, they will be greatly affected. If we do not solve the problems that can arise in our legs and we improve our habits it can bill us in the long run .

The poor blood circulation of the legs tends to be associated with old age and although it is true that the symptoms worsen with age , these can also appear in the young. In addition, summer is approaching and the heat with it causing our legs and ankles to swell more easily. The symptoms are increase with high temperatures since the veins dilate which leads to fluid retention in the lower extremities.

prevent tired legs

What causes tiredness and heaviness in the legs?

About 90% of tired leg disorders are caused by a problem related to the veins and these can get progressively worse over the years if left untreated.

One of the reasons why people suffer from tiredness and heavy legs is mainly due to venous insufficiency .

What is venous insufficiency? The veins are responsible for moving blood from all the extremities of the body to the heart and vice versa. However, the veins become deformed and lose their elasticity, which hinders blood circulation and, therefore, its return to the heart. Venous insufficiency is that difficulty sending blood back to the heart what it produces swelling, the appearance of varicose veins and a feeling of heaviness and tired legs.

Factors Causing Venous Insufficiency

  • He sedentary lifestyle and lack of movement in our day to day it can lead to poor blood circulation and therefore have tired and heavy legs.
  • lead a life with unhealthy habits such as smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, having a poor diet or being overweight plays a very important role in the health of our legs since it affects the walls of our veins.
  • The high temperatures They cause the walls of the veins to dilate more than usual, which favors fluid retention in the lower extremities.
  • According we get older the chances of suffering venous insufficiency grow and if we have relatives who suffer from it it is possible to inherit it.

How can we avoid feeling heavy and tired legs?

Exercise daily It is a good way to activate the circulation of the legs. Avoid excessive heat , keep the legs up above the heart from time to time and massage legs to promote blood circulation are some of the tips we can give you so that your legs are healthier and do not feel heavy.


The Happylegs seated walking machine

We live in a very busy society where we spend many hours working and sometimes We don't have time to exercise daily . In addition, with the arrival of summer, the heat and the holidays we carry out long hour journeys that affect our blood circulation.

happylegs is an automatic exercise machine that make life better of all those people who spend many hours standing or sitting without being able to move. His automatic movement massage your legs reactivating your blood circulation naturally and favor your physical activity.

  • Its use strengthen your legs without making any effort.
  • Eliminates inflammation on legs and ankles.
  • Strengthens the cardiac functions of the heart , also in people with pacemakers.
  • Its continuous movement ensures that no symptoms of tired legs either asleep
  • Prevents the appearance of vascular diseases such as varicose veins and thrombosis .
Solution to tired legs

In addition, it improves your ergonomics , helps you maintain a good position while sitting and making the lower back pain and back, derived from a static position.

You already know the causes of that heaviness and tiredness in the legs. Now it is your decision to prevent and take care of your legs to feel good.

Using Happylegs, pain and inflammation disappear due to heavy legs caused by poor circulation.

Give Happylegs a try ! and feel all your benefits !

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