Aumenta tu movilidad con Happylegs

Increase your mobility with Happylegs

The Happylegs automatic exerciser is an Aragonese invention that has been introduced in the sector of technical aids and orthopedic establishments for more than 10 years. Its smooth movement reactivates the blood circulation of our body, without effort or contraindications.

Activate your circulation naturally
The Happylegs automatic movement is an essential exercise for people with reduced mobility. Using Happylegs three hours a day is equivalent to one hour of walking, obtaining multiple benefits for your health:
• Prevention and attenuation of chronic venous diseases.
• Disappearance of inflammation in legs and ankles.
• Reduction of lumbar and joint pain.
«The Happylegs gymnastics system directly influences the Lejars plantar sponge, an intravenous network located in the foot that is responsible for purifying the blood. Its assisted movement forces the foot to perform a constant flexion-extension exercise, improving blood flow throughout the body.»
Dr. MA Santos Gaston. Phlebologist and Vascular Surgeon.
Results confirmed by medical specialists and physiotherapists
A sedentary life leads to heart complications and the origin of many chronic ailments. A few days after using Happylegs our users have confirmed:
• Increased physical and mental activity, helps you to be more active.
• Strengthens and tones the legs, avoiding the appearance of varicose veins and thrombosis.
• Strengthening of the cardiovascular system and improvement of the quality of life in people with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.
• Decreased blood sugar levels in users with diabetes, reducing insulin doses.
«In my patients I have observed an improvement in their cardiac functions, as well as a progressive disappearance of chronic fatigue syndrome. With this gentle exercise, we prevent arteriosclerosis and all its effects such as overweight, hypertension and hyperglycemia."
Dr. Jorge Ulloa Iparraguirre. Cardiologist.
The foot straps are a fundamental accessory for all those people who do not have strength in their feet and want to hold their foot to the Happylegs pedal for greater comfort.
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