Además de tu salud, cuidamos tu confianza

In addition to your health, we take care of your confidence

Our stamps represent us

Throughout our journey we have been marking goals to always offer you the best . All these objectives achieved have been represented by stamps that demonstrate our commitment to you. And what is the common objective to all these goals? show you that you can trust us.


Our payment methods

Payment in installments through Sequra without costs

In addition to the usual payment procedures, we also offer you the Possibility of paying little by little in monthly installments . You only need your ID, mobile number and card to make the purchase.

Through this service, we give you the possibility of splitting your payment in 3, 6 or 12 months only with a fixed cost per fee . And also, you can Advance the total or partial payment whenever you want, saving you costs .

Example of credit of €400.00: total owed €460.00, cost €5.00 per installment in 12 months, APR: 36.86%


New payment through Bizum

Also, to make your purchase process as easy as possible and always adapt to current trends, we have added Bizum as a payment method for your Happylegs purchase . It is very simple and convenient to use and is increasingly widespread among trusted online stores.

Online Trust Seal

Confianza Online is the leading Internet quality seal in Spain. A badge shown by those companies that guarantee maximum transparency, security and confidence when buying and browsing their websites.

In order to display it on our website, Happylegs must comply with the standards included in its Code of Ethics. If you want to know the security that purchases through our website provide you as a user, you can see it here.

Ecommerce Europe Trustmark, the reflection of our quality

In addition, we have the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark, which certifies European e-commerce companies that respect the highest quality standards in relation to consumers and a European consumer complaints framework. Access the certificate and more information about the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark.

Issop seal, against planned obsolescence

The Happylegs philosophy focuses on refusing planned obsolescence. For this reason, we have the ISSOP seal , which is responsible for distinguishing those organizations and companies that have made a decisive commitment to excellence in the field of sustainability , respect for the environment and for people .

This seal is proof of our goal of promoting a change towards a new paradigm, based on an economic model where the economy for the common good and sustainability are the benchmarks.

Awarded as the best invention in the USA

All the human team that comprises Happylegs, we have our very clear principles. From the moment we invented our passive exercise machine, our main purpose was to take care of your health. For this reason, we were also clear that, in addition to the correct functioning of our machine, the origin of its pieces and the quality of these were essential. In this way, from our origins, Happylegs is a product made in Spain from start to finish .

This quality, which we strive to perfect every day, is reflected in being a product Awarded for Best Invention in the USA.

5 year warranty

Happylegs we guarantee you 5 years of guarantee . Our products are designed to last for many years, thanks to the quality that prevails throughout the production process, but to guarantee our users correct service and peace of mind, we offer a 5-year guarantee.

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to assist you.

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