75% de las bajas laborales por dolor de espalda

75% of sick leave due to back pain

Business society is becoming increasingly aware of the serious consequences of sitting for long hours on our health. The body has a rhythm that needs to be stimulated, because being "paralyzed" generates consequences in the internal organs, appearing diseases related to muscles and bones.

In the last National Survey of Working Conditions carried out by the National Institute for Safety and Hygiene at Work (INSHT) in 2011, it was confirmed that 77% of workers who perform administrative work have musculoskeletal disorders.
7 out of 10 people in our country (74.2% of workers) suffer from muscle pain in the workplace. This type of work-related pain is the first occupational health problem in Spain, and in some countries of the European Union accounts for 40% of the economic costs of illnesses and accidents at work.
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