Manos Sanas Finger Massager

Quien mueve las piernas, mueve el corazón.

The best way to look after your hands.

When used just five minutes a day the Manos Sanas massager makes your hands more agile, beautiful and healthy. Visible results from the first session.

The Manos Sanas Massager improves the health and Beauty of your hands.

Hand health and beauty.

   Its gentle massaging action reactivates the blood circulation, preventing cold, tingling hands.

   More flexible fingers with noticeable results from the first session.

  Correction of small joint lumps caused by arthrodesis and arthritis.

  A useful rehabilitation tool to recover sensitivity in the hands.

Manos Sanas can be used by anyone who works with their hands.

Manos Sanas can be used by anyone who works with their hands.

Our entire daily life passes through our hands. On top of that, we make constant use of mobile devices, keyboards and the mouse at work, which leads to an accumulation of muscular tension. One session with Manos Sanas each day will allow you to:

 Prevent common pain such as tendinitis and stiffness in the hands.

 Indicated for people with Raynaud's disease and multiple sclerosis.

 For anyone whose hands are exposed to low temperatures.

 Fitted with pressure adjusters to adapt to each finger.

«I am a fashion designer and I work long hours with my hands. I used to take anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve my tendinitis. I started using Manos Sanas every day and from the first session I noticed more flexibility in my fingers.»

Noelia Ortiz, Fashion Designer, Madrid.

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