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Jose Luis Gálvez Campos: Inventor

Due to his constant interest in improving people's quality of life, the Aragonese inventor and engineer José Luis Gálvez Campos founded the company Autoergon in 2002. During his career, which has always been characterised by a profound entrepreneurial spirit, he has developed almost 50 patented inventions in precision mechanisms for industrial machinery.

His products have been travelling the world since 1960, with major clients in Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Japan, Portugal and Mexico. As a result of his considerable experience, during the past ten years José Luis Gálvez has developed two patents that are considered worldwide innovations: The Happylegs passive exercise system and the Manos Sanas finger massager.

Jose Luis Gálvez on the Spanish TV program «Las Luces del Ingenio RTVE»

The producers of the program have placed the field of inventions in the spotlight. For this reason, they have spoken to a number of inventors, successful or otherwise, to find out about the mechanisms of invention and the subject of creation.

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Happylegs on «A punto con la 2»

Happylegs with the Inventors Club on the RTVE program "A punto con la 2" which provides information about the inventors who are changing our lives.

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